The A/SF-01 B-wing starfighter or simply the B-Wing starfighter was a one-man starfighter that was used by the Alliance to Restore the Republic. The first one was Red and designed by the Mon Calamari engineer, Quarrie.

History Edit

The first B-wing was created by Mon Calamari Engineer Quarrie on the planet of Shantipole where he waited for a pilot to fly it. Captain Rex was in contact with him and the Rebels sent Hera Syndulla, their best pilot to get the ship. At first, Quarrie wouldn't give them his "Blade Wing" but eventually gave in. Phoenix Squadron won against an Imperial Blockade with the ship and Commander Jun Sato told Quarrie that Senator Organa was impressed with the ship and would continue to manufacture the ships under Quarrie's supervision.

The Alliance to Restore the Republic was using the ships soon after the Battle of Yavin and they were essential in the Battle of Endor. After the battle, the New Republic continued to use the ships.

30 years following the Battle of Endor, a Resistance Transport used parts from a B-wing as well as other ships.

Appearances Edit

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