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The Prototype All Terrain Armored Transport was a model of AT-AT walker used before the Battle of Yavin.

Description Edit

This walker model was based on the smaller All Terrain Tactical Enforcer used in the Clone Wars. The design was larger than the stock AT-AT used during the Battle of Hoth. Its armament included four laser turrets outside its cockpit, as well as a turret located on the walker's back.
Atat atdp

AT-AT scaled against AT-DP and an average human.

History Edit


The giant model in action on Seelos.

The Lothal Rebels, Clone Captain Rex, Commander Wolffe and Commander Gregor encountered three of the earliest model on the planet Seelos when Agent Kallus attacked them. The same model was used on Lothal to guard an Imperial spaceport. Two AT-ATs could be deployed at once by a Gozanti-class Cruiser.

Appearances Edit