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Armitage Hux was a general in the First Order. He worked closely with Captain Phasma and Kylo Ren. He was the son of Brendol Hux of the Galactic Empire.

Biography Edit

As a child, Hux witnessed the Galactic Empire surrender to the New Republic. His father, Brendol Hux fled to the unknown regions where Hux grew up believing that the New Republic was weak and a new order was needed.

He became a general in the First Order where he continued to get competitive with Kylo Ren for the approval of the Mysterious leader of the order - Supreme Leader Snoke.

Hux was aboard the Finalizer when Han Solo and his group of unlikely allies go to Takodana. He was later on Starkiller Base where he led the operation. When the Resistance attacked, Snoke told Hux to save Kylo and escape.


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