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The Assault took place on Starkiller Base between members of the Resistance and the First Order.

Prelude Edit

The Resistance planned an attack on the First Order's Starkiller Base from the planet D'Qar having received intel that their base was the next target for the superweapon.

Finn gave the blueprints for the base to the Resistance and helped them locate the thermal oscilator and volunteered to go with Han Solo on the mission to disable the shields of the base although he really just wanted to rescue Rey from her captivity on the base.

Han, Chewbacca and Finn piloted the falcon to Starkiller Base where they flew through the shields at lightspeed before making a crazy landing and almost falling off a cliff.

The Battle Edit

The trio managed to sneak into the base and although Finn didn't actually know how to disable the shields they were able to capture Captain Phasma and force her to comply to their wishes. After they were done with her they threw her into a trash compactor although she escaped sometime after. With the shields down they went to find Rey but found she had already escaped using her newly discovered force powers.

Poe Dameron led Blue and Red squadrons of X-wings to the base and sucessffully entered the atmosphere due to the shields being disabled. They flew pass after pass over the thermal oscillator but their blasts weren't penetrating. TIE fighters arrived to occupy them and many of the pilots were killed including Ello Asty the Abednedo pilot.

Han, Chewbacca, Finn and Rey exited the halls of the base and arrived at the oscillator, realizing that the pilots needed their help desperately. They decided to enter the oscillator and place thermal detonators inside before blowing it up and creating a hole for the pilots to enter.

Kylo Ren entered the Millennium Falcon when his Snowtroopers discovered the ship where it had crash landed. The Snowtroopers searched the ship and declared it all clear as Ren entered and walked into the cockpit where he said his father's name.

Han and Chewbacca entered the oscillator while Finn and Rey got on a snowspeeder and were chased by some of the Snowtroopers. They shot down the troopers behind them and entered the building. Han and Chewbacca place the explosives on separate levels of the catwalks before Kylo entered with his squad of Stormtroopers. Kylo walked by himself onto the bridge which extended across the middle of the oscillator and Han quietly walked up behind him. At the end of the bridge, he yelled "Ben!" Kylo turned around and faced his father and the two talked. Han eventually convinced his son to take off his mask as he walked towards him. Kylo eventually refused to return home with his father and impaled Han with his crossguard lightsaber. Solo's body fell down the large shaft below and Rey screamed from above. Chewbacca from the upper level, shot a few shots at Kylo Ren which immediately injured him. As Chewbacca shot down the Stormtroopers in rage, Kylo glared up at Finn and Rey as the pair left their balcony. Chewbacca detonated the explosives, creating a hole large enough for Poe Dameron to enter.

Finn and Rey were met in the snowy forest by an injured Ren who had his lightsaber activated ready for them. Rey angrily called him a monster and raised her blaster but Ren used the force to knock her back against a tree which rendered her unconcious. Finn was enraged and activated Skywalker's lightsaber, rushing at Ren. After a short engagement, Ren bested the former Stormtrooper and injured him severely sending the lightsaber flying a few meters away. Ren called on the force to pull the lightsaber to his hand but it flew straight past him and into Rey's hand who was now standing.

Poe entered the thermal oscillator and shot torpedoes before exiting. As Ren and Rey duelled the planet started to break up. Ren got Rey into a position with a cliff behind her and told her she needed a teacher in the ways of the force. Rey used her force powers to escape the situation and came out on top of the injured Knight of Ren. After she severely injured him the ground ruptured inbetween them, separating them. Rey ran back to Finn and Kylo was rescued by Hux. Chewbacca arrived in the Millennium Falcon and picked up Finn and Rey and they escaped just as the base exploded into a blast of light.

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