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Attack on Garel was an assault on the Lothal Rebels' hideout on the planet of Garel by the Galactic Empire.

The Battle Edit

Stormtroopers attack Zeb and Chopper and chase them to the Ghost where the Rebels are attacked by Agent Kallus. Ezra uses the force to take out two stormtroopers and then deflects Kallus's bolts with his lightsaber. He then uses the force to knock Kallus against the wall, knocking him out. The Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister arrive but Kanan blasts the controls and the blast doors close before Ezra can engage the Inquisitors. TIE Fighters attack the Ghost and Phoenix Squadron as they leave and Phoenix Home is captured by a tractor beam. The crew of the ghost manage to free them and the rebels all escape.

Appearances Edit

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