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The Attack on the Jedi Temple was an attack on the Jedi Temple on Coruscant shortly after the end of the Clone Wars. The leader of the attack, Darth Vader, would kill every jedi and youngling, including Jedi Master Cin Drallig, during the attack alongside the Clone 501st Legion.

Prelude Edit

Anakin Skywalker was now Darth Vader and his new master Darth Sidious ordered him to assault the Jedi Temple. Sidious also ordered the Clone Commanders across the galaxy to fire upon their Jedi Generals and kill them.

The Assault Edit

Vader marched the 501st Legion through the main gates of the temple and attacked any Jedi they could find. The Jedi put up a fight and killed many of the Clones. Vader changed the broadcast and told any remaining Jedi to return to the temple so they could kill any that escaped Order 66. Vader entered the council chambers where Jedi younglings were hiding and slaughtered them. He then engaged the Temple master Cin Drallig and killed him along with two other padawans. Darth Sidious arrived to check on his new apprentice's progress. Commander Appo and Sergeant CT-0000/1010 met Bail Organa when he arrived at the temple and Zett Jukassa made a run for the Senators speeder only to be killed in fire from the Clone Troopers.

Appearances Edit

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