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BX-series droid commandos or just Commando Droids were elite battle droid commandos of the Separatist Alliance.

Design Edit

They used blasters, vibroblades, and shields. They were an advance for the Separatists since unlike the B1 they were more intelligent, resistant, fast, stronger and with better ability. They were feared by many Clone Troopers.

History Edit

IMG 0237

Three commando droids with blasters pointed.

There were some commando droids stationed at the Separatist prison, the Citadel that had unique orange markings, and a pair of commando droids were seen used by the Black Sun, more specifically Cad Bane, during the Hostage Crisis, was Bane used the droids to disguise themselves as Senate Commandos. There was also a group of commando droids used by the Separatists to escort Separatist senators and council members across the galaxy. Years after the Clone Wars, during the Galactic Civil War, several Commando droids were used by Imperial Sith Lord, Darth Vader in his own personal army. One commando droid was used by The Resistance around thirty years after the end of the Galactic Civil War named Nunzix.

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