This article contains Spoilers from recently released or upcoming media.

The Battle of Crait took place during the First Order - Resistance conflict. The Resistance used Ski speeders against the AT-M6 walkers of the First Order.

Prelude Edit

The Resistance fled from D'Qar and were pursued by the First Order. The entire Resistance leadership save Leia were killed and the forces fled to Crait.

Aboard the Supremacy, Kylo brought Rey to Supreme Leader Snoke who was pleased with his apprentice. Kylo and Rey duelled but Kylo eventually decided to impale his master with his lightsaber, the two fought off the Elite Praetorian Guards but decided afterwards to go separate ways when each refused to join the other. Kylo told Hux that Rey had killed Snoke and then escaped in the Supreme Leader's ship and therefore took the role of the leadership of the First Order.

The Battle Edit

Kylo ordered the ground forces to finish the Resistance forces off on Crait and the Resistance members prepared by sending a distress call for anyone who would help as well as fighting off the approaching walkers in Resistance ski speeders. AT-HH walkers hauled a Superlaser siege cannon towards the base to fire upon and destroy the main door which was the Resistance's only entrance and exit. Luke Skywalker force projected himself to Crait where he distracted Kylo Ren and the First Order so the survivors could flee.

Appearances Edit

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