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Chewbacca with Tarfful

Chewbacca was a Wookie of Kashyyyk and later Han Solo's first mate on the Millennium Falcon.

Biography Edit

Chewbacca was captured by Trandoshan Hunters and sent as a fugitive to the world of Wasskah, where he was to be hunted by the reptile-like creatures. He managed to get together a transmitter and call his fellow wookies. Tarfful, some wookies as well as Sugi and Seripas came and rescued the fugitives, which included Ahsoka Tano and some Jedi Younglings.

Chewbacca was in command under Tarfful and Merumeru during the Battle of Kashyyyk. When Order 66 is activated, Chewie and Tarfull help Yoda escape but Luminara Unduli who was on the planet as well wasn't so lucky.

Chewbacca is captured by slavers at an unknown point but is rescued by Solo, becoming his first mate.

Chewbacca went with Solo on many Smuggling missions and fought in many Rebel Battles including the Battle of Endor.

Chewbacca served the New Republic beside Han. In the Falcon, Chewbacca readied to liberate Kashyyyk from the Empire during this time. Han and Leia eventually got married and had a son - Ben Solo.

They lost the Falcon and left to find it in a freighter. Years later when they found it, the Falcon was in the hands of Finn and Rey. Chewbacca fought against the First Order on Takodana and witnessed the death of Han on Starkiller Base. After Kylo killed Han, Chewbacca fired at him in anger.

After escaping, Chewbacca went with Rey and R2-D2 to find Luke Skywalker.

Appearances Edit