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Clone Scout Trooper 01
Clone Scout Troopers or 41st Elite Corps Scout Troopers were camoflauged clone troopers that evolved from ARF Troopers and were transformed into the Empire's Scout Troopers. They specialised on jungle, forest and swamp worlds and had extra supplies for weeks without support.


The Clone Scout Troopers of the 41st legion  were assigned to Kashyyyk near the end of the war, led by Commander Gree and fought the Separatsist droids alongside the Wookies. They turned on Jedi Masters Yoda and Luminara towards the end of the battle as to orders from Darth Sidious


The troopers were known to have blaster rifles or sniper rifles, typically DC-15 blaster rifles. Their armor was a variant of regular clone trooper armor, and had less plates for increased mobility. Edit


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