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General Information
Region Outer Rim Territories Concord-dawn 4277a880
Sector Unknown
System Concord Dawn System
Capital Unknown
atmosphere Unknown
Native Species None Known
Natural Satellites At least 3 moons

Concord Dawn was a planet.

History Edit

At some point, the planet saw 100 battles, the end result being parts of the planetary sphere breaking off in cataclysmic attacks.

Several notable bounty hunters hailed from Concord Dawn, including the Mandalorian commando Jango Fett and Rako Hardeen - known as "the Marksman of Concord Dawn".

During the Galactic Empire, the planet's security was maintained by Fenn Rau, known as the "Protector of Concord Dawn", and his group of Mandalorian Protectors. The Lothal rebels attempted to gain access to the system in order to secure passage for their forces, but was opposed by the Protector's forces and attacked in space. They killed several of his pilots in the ensuing firefight.

After the initial disastrous meeting, the two rebels Kanan Jarrus and Sabine Wren journeyed to the third moon of Concord Dawn to attempt to reach an agreement that would allow their fleet to pass freely. After Sabine called Fenn Rau out for a duel, the two rebels ended up destroying several Protector starfighters, as well as capturing Fenn Rau, forcing him to cooperate. The system was secured for travel, thus bypassing Imperial patrols.

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