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General Information
Region Outer Rim D'qar
Sector Unknown
System Unknown
Capital Resistance Base (de facto)
atmosphere Breathable to most species
Native Species none
Natural Satellites Ring system

D’Qar was a planet of lush vegetation and home of the Resistance Base thirty years after the Battle of Endor.

History Edit


Poe Dameron and Finn on the Resistance Base airfield.

Lacking intelligent life and having lush vegetation D'Qar fit the profile for a prospective rebel base when it was first scouted by members of Corona Squadron. Pilots Thane Kyrell and Kendy Idele initially surveyed the world for signs of an imperial presence prior to the Battle of Endor.

A small Rebel Alliance outpost was later established, but the war ended before the need for a full-scale base ever surfaced. The scouting report remained secure in Alliance records for when the Resistance required a hidden base of operations.

Appearances Edit