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Duel on Starkiller Base was a duel between Kylo Ren of the First Order and Finn and Rey.

Beforehand Edit

Kylo killed Han Solo his father while Finn, Rey and Chewbacca watched and the angry Wookiee injured Kylo with shots from his bowcaster.

The Duel Edit

Kylo met Finn and Rey in the snowy forest outside and when Rey shot at him, he used the force to send her into a tree. Finn attacked Kylo with Skywalker's lightsaber and managed to give him a shoulder wound. Kylo sent the lightsaber flying several meters and stabbed the defector, severely injuring him. Kylo tried to use the force to take Luke's lightsaber but it flew past him and into Rey's hand. They stared at each other for a moment before Rey activated the saber and attacked. Due to Kylo's injuries and Rey's growing power, the two are fairly even in their duel. Kylo attempted to draw her to the dark side towards the end of the duel but failed to do so. She managed to come out on top and slash Kylo across the face before the ground beneath them started to split in two, separating them.

Aftermath Edit

Rey, Finn and Chewbacca escape in the Millennium Falcon and they don't see Kylo escape.

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