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Ello Asty was a Male Abednedo. He was an Resistance X-Wing Pilot flying for the Resistance. He fought in the Battle of Starkiller Base and was killed in the final run against the base when his X-wing starfighter was shot down.

Vehicles Edit

X-wing Edit

Main Article: Ello Asty's X-wing fighter

Asty flew a T-70 X-wing starfighter which he used during the Battle of Starkiller Base.

Weapons Edit

Pistol Edit

Main Article: Ello Asty's blaster pistol

Asty owned a Glie-44 blaster pistol.

Other Items Edit

Helmet Edit

Main Article: Ello Asty's helmet

Asty's flight helmet was a specialised one fit for his Abednedo shaped head.

Appearances Edit