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The Executor was an Imperial Super Star Destroyer, the flagship of Death Squadron and the command ship of Darth Vader.

History Edit

Before the existence of the Executor, the Annihilator was the greatest ship of the Imperial Navy. The latter was owned by General Cassio Tagge who died on the Death Star and since the Executor was meant to replace it, Vader took the finished ship and made it his flagship in Death Squadron, moving his command from the Devastator. The ship was placed under command of Admiral Kendal Ozzel but when he failed one too many times, Vader disposed of him and instantly promoted Firmus Piett, the captain, to his posistion.

Admiral Piett continued to command the ship until the Battle of Endor where he died with the ship as Arvel Crynyd flew his damaged A-wing starfighter into the damaged bridge. The ship crashed into the Second Death Star and was destroyed.

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