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The Fifth Brother was one of two inquisitors tasked with hunting down Kanan Jarrus and the Lothal Rebels along with the Seventh Sister.

Biography Edit

The individual was originally a member of the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars.

The Fifth Brother was trained as an Inquisitor under Darth Vader with the Seventh Sister, the Grand Inquisitor, the Sixth Brother and another Dowutin Inquisitor. They were tasked with hunting down the surviving Jedi such as Jocasta Nu.

The Grand Inquisitor was killed during a duel with the Jedi and Rebel - Kanan Jarrus and word spread quickly among the Inquisitors.

The Fifth Brother was sent by Darth Vader to Agent Kallus on Kassius Konstantine's ship and told Kassius that he would succeed where Kallus and him had failed.

The Brother sensed Ezra, Sabine, Chopper and Zeb aboard an Old Republic Medical Station and went to investigate, refusing any help from Kallus.

When he arrives he is surprised to find the Seventh Sister there already and the two corner Ezra and Sabine. They capture Ezra and while the Sister interrogates him, the Fifth Brother sets out to find Sabine.

Sabine and Zeb set a trap for him with explosives but he didn't fall for it and sent the bombs right at them. Sabine and Zeb were knocked out and the Inquisitor grabbed Sabine, telling the droids to take care of Zeb.

Upon return, the two forced Ezra and Sabine to call for help even though it was really Zeb pretending to be a Commander. Ezra told Zeb to bring Kanan and to bring Ahsoka Tano too.

Upon reaching the hangar, Zeb and Chopper in the phantom swooped down from the roof and started firing at the two inquisitors. Ezra reclaimed his lightsaber from the Sisters Belt and they tryed to take off. The Inquisitors used the force to hold them while closing the doors to the Hangar but Sabine enabled them to escape by firing at the Fifth Inquisitor and forcing him to let go of his hold on the ship. The Phantom escaped just in time, coming out of the Sisters grasp quickly.

The two Inquisitors searched for force sensitive children and boarded a civilian transport, killing all but a child and her grandmother. The Inquisitors landed their TIE Advanced x1s on Takobo and tried to get another child, leaving the first one in one of the TIEs. Garazeb Orrelios found the baby and took it to the Phantom. Zeb tried to get Pipey, the second baby from its mothers droid and when he did, the Inquisitors arrived and gave chase. The Fifth Brother led the two of them into a building. When the Brother led them the wrong way, the Seventh Sister was annoyed. Ezra Bridger tried to escape with Pipey in the ventilation shaft above and the Fifth Brother sensed them, stabbing his lightsaber above into the shaft. Ezra and Pipey made it to the other side without being cut by the Inquisitor's blade. Kanan and Zeb arrived and the Lasat took on the Fifth Brother before he could activate his lightsaber while the Seventh Sister engaged Kanan. Kanan and Zeb ran, jumping out a window and onto a speeder. The Inquisitors followed, jumping onto another speeder and throwing out the driver. The Fifth Brother threw his lightsaber and it cut down part of the speeder ahead, grounding it. In front of the doorway to the hangar where the Phantom was, Chopper didn't seem to be behind the door and it wouldn't open. The Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister once again engaged Zeb and Kanan and quickly knocked them down. Ezra activated his blade to protect Pipey but the Sister force blasted him into the wall. The doorway behind them suddenly opened and Ahsoka Tano walked out activating her white blades. Kanan, Zeb, Ezra and Pipey left while Ahsoka took on the Inquisitors. The Fifth Brother was eventually taken down and watched as Ahsoka defeated the Seventh Sister, pointing one of her sabers at the sisters neck. Stormtroopers arrived and the Inquisitors stood up glad to have captured Tano as a captive for Darth Vader. Ahsoka told them that their master would have to wait and jumped up onto a rooftop where the Phantom was waiting. One of the Seventh Sister's Probes arrived and played an audio message in which Ezra revealed that the Lothal Rebels were living on Garel.

The Fifth Brother traveled with the Seventh Sister to Garel where with the help of Agent Kallus and Admiral Kassius Konstantine, they invaded the part time base for Phoenix Squadron on Garel. The duo found Ezra, Zeb, Chopper and Kanan and Ezra ran at them but was stopped by Kanan, who blasted the blast door controls, separating them from the villains. The Rebels mostly escaped although Commander Sato and Captain Rex were almost caught by Konstantine.

The Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister continued to chase Kanan and Ezra around the galaxy, duelling them on various planets including Oosalon. They followed Kanan, Ezra and Ahsoka to the Jedi Temple on Lothal but the Jedi were gone once the Inquisitors managed to enter. They were attacked by a vision of the Grand Inquisitor leading Jedi Temple Guards. The Fifth Brother was shocked to see the Grand Inquisitor as a Temple Guard as the visions approached. Vader later arrived impressed with their discovery of the Temple and the Fifth Brother told his master that the Jedi were growing in their power. Vader replied that it would be the undoing of the Jedi.

The Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister arrived on Malachor to on a mission to find the Sith Temple with a Sith Holocron. Upon arrival, they find the Eighth Brother captured by Kanan Jarrus and Ahsoka Tano. The Fifth Brother fights the Jedi as the Seventh Sister frees their fellow Inquisitor. The Three fought Kanan and Ahsoka and all of the five were shocked as Ezra turned up with Maul, formerly Darth Maul. Maul helped the Jedi fend off the Inquisitor's and the trio fled. They contacted Darth Vader and prepared to capture the Jedi before his arrival. The Eighth Brother left to attack them and the Fifth Brother started to follow but the Seventh Sister stopped him and told him that the two of them would wait off and collect the prize for Vader aftewards.

Maul and the Jedi ascended the temple to reach the very top and split up - Maul with Ezra and Ahsoka with Kanan. The Eighth Brother had attacked and failed to kill his targets but returned with the Fifth Brother in attacking Kanan and Ahsoka. Maul arrived and after a short fight, killed the Fifth Brother.

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