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First order snowtroper

Snowtroopers of the First Order were much like those of the Galactic Empire, however, they had slightly upgraded armour.

History Edit

The Snowtroopers originally scouted the planet before it was converted into Starkiller Base and later became security of the base. When General Hux ordered the weapon to fire, many of them were present and serving as guards to the officers. Some of them followed Kylo Ren and entered the Millennium Falcon to investigate later on. A couple of them found Rey and Finn on a stolen Snowspeeder and gave chase in another one. The former Stormtrooper, Finn, managed to shoot the speeder down with his blaster. All of the Snowtroopers on the base were destroyed along with it when Poe Dameron destroyed it from the inside.

Although Crait is not a snow planet, the First Order still deployed Snowtroopers during the Battle of Crait due to the harsh conditions of the salt planet.

Variants Edit

Appearances Edit

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