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The revived Galactic Senate was the governing body of the New Republic.

History Edit

After the Battle of Endor and the establishment of the New Republic, the Galactic Senate was revived. As a way to win over worlds that had previously tried to secede from the Galactic Republic, the Senate no longer stayed on Coruscant. Instead, the Senate traveled from world to world, never staying in one place permanently. The capital was decided by election.

The position of Chancellor was also reinstated, but this time with "Supreme" removed from the title. Other reforms included a gradual demilitarization of the Republic, including letting local defense forces retain their own units, instead of centralizing authority in the New Republic military. The emergency powers claimed by Palpatine were also rescinded to avoid one person having absolute power.

Efforts like these helped to shape perception of the new Galactic Senate as being different from previous iterations, as the Imperial Senate had made similar promises of peace after the conclusion of the Clone Wars.

Eventually Mon Mothma, the first Chancellor got sick and the Senate started to fall apart although it didn't wish to discuss the matter. It split into two clear parties - Populist and Centrists although some Senators remained neutral.

Despite enacting some reforms, elements of corruption flourished in the Senate. Leia Organa's reputation became slandered by personal attacks and rumors of delusion and her influence with the Senate was weakened. Even with this situation, her Resistance organization worked with the acknowledgement of the Senate, despite not being sanctioned in public by the New Republic.

30 years after the Battle of Endor, disaster struck, as the Galactic Senate was destroyed by the First Order. Using its Starkiller Base, the Senate and the entire Hosnian system was wiped out in one strike.

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