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Gallius Rax was a Human male from the planet of Jakku.

Biography Edit

As a boy, Gallius Rax's curiosity and need for escape from the desert planet led to him boarding a ship that had Yupe Tashu aboard. Emperor Palpatine gave him two choices, live and embrace the destiny that he sensed for the boy, or die right then and there. He chose the first and went on to become an Imperial Fleet Admiral. After Palpatine's death above Endor, Gallius Rax fed information to the New Republic as the "Operator" managing to cull many high ranking Imperials he considered a threat. Rax put Grand Admiral Rae Sloane in charge of the Empire although he was really giving her orders. Everyone else believed he was her advisor during this time. Rax was the individual who readied the Imperial forces for the Battle of Jakku. He would attempt to use the battle as a way to kill off both New Republic and Imperial soldiers on the planet, but he wound up being killed by Rae Sloane.

Appearances Edit

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