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Garazeb Orrelios or just "Zeb" was a male Lasat rebel. He lived in the Ghost with Kanan Jarrus, Hera Syndulla, C1-10P, Sabine Wren and later Ezra Bridger.

Biography Edit

Zeb was a member of the Lasan Honor Guard and took the title proudly with his Bo-rifle. The Empire destroyed almost all of his people apart from himself, his grandmother and two others he didn't know about. He eventually joined the Lothal Rebels which consisted of Kanan Jarrus, Hera Syndulla, Sabine Wren and C1-10P "Chopper".

The Group went on many missions against the Galactic Empire. At one point they were stealing crates from the Empire on Lothal and a couple of the crates were stolen by Ezra Bridger, a street kid. They chased him on their speeder bikes but when TIE Fighters arrive, Ezra decided to join the rebels in their ship to get away. They arrived nearby a Gozanti-class transport to free Wookie Prisoners and they used Zeb as a decoy for a Wookiee, claiming he was a rare hairless wookie. The Stormtroopers wouldn't buy it so Zeb knocked them out. Ezra, sent by Hera, arrived and warned them that a Star Destroyer had arrived and that it was a trap. Deciding that there wasn't any Wookies aboard, the group left. Zeb watched as Agent Kallus took Ezra but was forced to leave without him. Zeb felt really bad for leaving the kid behind and the Rebels decided to return and rescue himm. They arrived and found that Ezra had escaped himself and was in the hangar bay already. They escaped quickly and Ezra told them the real location of the Wookies - Kessel. The group went to Kessel and rescued the Wookies but Agent Kallus arrived with reinforcements and attempted to stop them. They managed to evade the Imperials and take the Wookies to safety. When offered afterwards, Ezra Bridger stayed with the crew to train as a jedi under Kanan Jarrus.

Ezra stayed in Zeb's room on the Ghost and the two fought with each other and with Chopper often. The Rebels soon after went on a mission to Garel to steal a shipment from Minister Maketh Tua. To Zeb's shock, the shipment contained T-7 ion disruptor rifles, weapons that had been banned under the Galactic Republic and were responsible for Massacring his people on Lasan. They stole the Disruptors and escaped with the two droids belonging to Maketh Tua - R2-D2 and C-3PO as unwilling passengers. They returned to Lothal where they took the disruptors to Cikatro Vizago who broke their deal when the Galactic Empire turned up. Agent Kallus produced a Bo-rifle which enraged Zeb since only Lasan Honour Guards had the weapon. Kallus revealed he had killed one. During the duel, Kallus also revealed he was the Imperial that ordered the use of the disruptors on Lasan. Soon Kallus came out on top but Ezra saved Zeb by using the force to push Kallus away. They took the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO to their rightful owner, Senator Bail Organa.

Zeb and Ezra later were sent into town as a punishment for fighting. They were to pick up supplies and were to return with at least one Meiloorun fruit. They found a bunch that had been purchased by the Galactic Empire and attempted to steal them. When they were caught, they managed to steal a TIE Fighter owned by Baron Valen Rudor and escaped. They contacted Hera who ordered them to return immediately after destroying the TIE. On their way back they saw Morad and Marida Sumar as captives of the Empire. Ezra insisted on saving them, claiming they had been friends of his parents. They successfully saved the prisoners and later hid instead of destroy the TIE. Sabine showed them her new work of art when they returned - a painting of Chopper playing a prank on Ezra and Zeb.

The Rebels went on a mission to the Spire after finding out that Jedi Master Luminara Unduli was alive and was being held there. They successfully infiltrated the building and entered the cell only to find that Luminara was indeed dead and that it was a trap set by the Galactic Empire. They were faced with a new enemy, The Grand Inquisitor who chased them back out. They barely escaped as the Inquisitor threw his multipurpose lightsaber at the fleeing rebels.

On Empire Day, the Lothal Rebels planned an attack on the Empire and successfully blew up the TIE Advanced v1 on display, shocking everyone watching. The Empire gave chase and Zeb prepared to shoot Agent Kallus from afar but Kanan redirected him to shoot the Inquisitor, which he reluctantly agreed. The Shot caught the Inquisitor off guard but still missed. The Rebels came across Tseebo, a Rodian wanted by the Empire and a friend of Ezra's parents. They managed to escape in a Imperial Troop Transport while Agent Kallus pursued in another transport. Zeb shot Kallus, caught him off balance which sent him tumbling to the ground. The Rebels boarded the Ghost and escaped into space where they were attacked by the Inquisitor and TIE Fighters.

The Rebels encountered Lando Calrissian and Zeb accidentally bet Chopper in a game of Sabacc, losing the bet. Hera was enraged but after transporting Lando to his needed destination and encountering the thug Azmorigan, they got the droid back.

The Rebels attempted to break Rebel sympathizer Senator Gall Trayvis away from the Galactic Empire and he followed them into the sewers underneath the Old Republic Senate Building. Gall was later revealed a traitor when Hera handed him a blaster but she revealed she had known the truth all along and had deliberately given him the blaster unloaded. The Rebels escaped Agent Kallus and the pursuing Stormtroopers.

Zeb and the Rebels attempted to hijjack a communications tower on Lothal to send a message to the people of the planet. Unknown to them, Grand Moff Tarkin had arrived on the planet to deal with the Rebels and the Imperials attacked soon after the Rebels arrived. They still successfully hijacked the tower but Kanan was captured by the Inquisitor. Ezra sent out a message of hope and rebellion and talked for a while before the Gunships destroyed the Communications Tower to stop him from continuing.

Zeb, Ezra and Sabine were deeply upset with Hera and her mysterious master "Fulcrum" for ordering that Kanan would not be rescued in order to not reveal any other Rebel cells. Disobeying Hera's orders, Zeb, Sabine, Ezra and Chopper take over an AT-DP and try to find Kanan's location but the attack was proved useless since the Communications Tower had been destroyed. Chopper, Ezra, Sabine and Zeb left in the Phantom and attempted to get some information from Cikatro Vizago who agreed to help them in return for a favour when he needed it. He told Ezra about Courier Droids that were being used in place of the Communications tower. When Ezra exited the Broken Horn, Hera was present and was looking very unhappy. The group managed to convince her to try and rescue Kanan and they formed a plan.

They kidnapped the droid 264 and disguised Chopper in his place. They then sent Chopper to the Communications ship and he plugged into a computer discovering that Kanan was being held somewhere near Mustafar.

The Rebels stole a Gozanti transport and traveled to Mustafar in it with Zeb and Ezra's stolen TIE Fighter. Ezra sensed that Kanan was aboard the Sovereign - Tarkin's star destroyer and they boarded it. They fought the Stormtroopers aboard the ship and Ezra managed to free Kanan. The two duelled the Inquisitor and Kanan defeated the evil warrior. During the duel, the Inquisitor's lightsabers fell into the Hyperdrive Energy Conduit, which started a chain reaction around the ship. The Rebels discovered that Chopper had left with the Gozanti and deserted them. Sabine, Zeb and Hera took their stolen TIE Fighter out of the hangar while Kanan and Ezra took the Inquisitor's TIE Advanced. They were pursued by many TIE Fighters and couldn't escape due to Chopper's abscence. Finally Chopper arrived with Phoenix Squadron and the Ghost and rescued the Rebels. The Group exited into Hyperspace, leaving the Imperials behind.

The Rebels met fulcrum on the Ghost who revealed herself to be Ahsoka Tano, a former jedi from the Clone Wars.

Zeb and the Rebels worked with Phoenix Squadron on a mission to get supplies and afterwards they started questioning wether they should stay with the Squadron or go off with themselves again. A message came from Old Jho on Lothal who told them that someone desperately wanted to talk to them. Maketh Tua entered the screen and told them that she was in deep trouble and needed them to smuggle her off Lothal. After much consideration, they agreed to help their former enemy. Unknown to either the Rebels nor Tua, Kallus was aware that Tua would call the Rebels for help and staged a trap. Tua boarded a shuttle with the Rebels coming behind but the Shuttle exploded with Tua inside. Kallus and the empire blamed the Rebels publicly for Tua's death. The Rebels tried hiding in their usual spots but the Empire knew about them. In order to escape Lothal, the Rebels infiltrated the Imperial Headquarters. They reached the landing fields and found an Imperial Shuttle to escape in but they were confronted by Darth Vader who had been sent to Lothal to deal with the Increased Rebel Presence and the Jedi. Zeb, Sabine, Hera and Chopper entered the shuttle while Ezra and Kanan fought the Sith Lord. They used the force to topple some AT-DP walkers on him and they began to walk away. Vader used the force to throw the walkers away and walked towards them. Kanan and Ezra reached Zeb and the others while Sabine shot at the sith. Vader deflected the bolts and wounded the mandalorian.

With the help of Lando Calrissian, the Rebels escaped the planet and regrouped with Phoenix Squadron. They raced into Phoenix Home after discovering a tracking device on the shuttle and warned Ahsoka and Commander Sato. A single TIE Advanced x1 exited hyperspace and Sato ordered Phoenix Squadron to intercept. The fighter pilot proved too good and destroyed many of the A-Wings. Zeb and the Rebels went out with Ahsoka in the Ghost to help with the fight. The remains of the Squadron escaped without their command ship. Ahsoka, Kanan and Ezra felt the dark and suspected that it was indeed the Sith Lord they had encountered on Lothal in the TIE.

Ahsoka sent the Rebels to Seelos to recruit an old friend of hers to the cause. She gave them the head of a Separatist Tactical Droid. While Hera and Chopper stayed in orbit, the others took the Phantom and used the droid to find the location of Ahsoka's friend. They came across Captain Rex, Commander Gregor and Commander Wolffe, three Clone Troopers in an AT-TE walker. Kanan immediately disliked them but Zeb became friends with Gregor. They told Rex that they needed locations for a base and he decided to help them but wouldn't join the cause. In order to make things even, the Rebels helped the Clones hunt a Joopa in which they told Zeb he was the "Hunter" and sent him out the front of the walker. Ezra learnt that Zeb was actually serving as the bait and warned him too late as a large Joopa launched up and swallowed the Lasat. The Clones brought the Joopa to justice and killed him. An angry Zeb exited the mouth of the beast but calmed down when he heard that it was the biggest Joopa the Clones had caught yet.

Sabine learnt while in the communications room, that one of the Clones had contacted the Empire about the Rebels being present and had hidden many messages from Ahsoka Tano. Rex confronted Wolffe and he admitted that he had done it to protect himself and the other two from being punished by the Empire. A Probe droid attacked and Gregor and Zeb were almost blasted by it. It finally got blasted by Rex as it was trying to escape. The Rebels and Clones prepared for the Empire's arrival.

The Empire arrived and attacked with Large AT-AT walkers. Rex led them into a sandstorm where Ezra took a shot with the main cannon of the AT-TE and destroyed one of the three walkers. After exiting the sandstorm, the Rebels left while the Clones stayed behind to fight the remaining walkers. Ezra managed to convince Kanan to return to help the Clones and they arrived just in time. Zeb, with Ezra and Kanan, jumped out of the Phantom and landed on the head of an AT-TE. Zeb entered the cockpit and knocked out the pilots. The Rebels took a shot at Agent Kallus's walker and took it down. Kallus escaped with one of the two pilots on a speeder bike, leaving one behind. Gregor and Wolffe stayed behind but Rex finally agreed to join the Rebels and he was reunited with Tano.

Zeb and Sabine were later assigned to find some much needed medical supplies from an Old Republic Medical Station with Chopper but since Rex and Kanan were arguing over where Ezra's discipline lay, Ezra assigned himself to the mission. They reached the station and Zeb opened the blast doors by force due to a lack of power. They reached the control room and Chopper activated the power. Sabine told him she had only meant for him to turn on the one datascreen. Zeb raced Ezra to find the supplies while Sabine followed but the trio raced right past them. They got a distress call from Chopper and Sabine and Ezra took a short-cut upstairs while Zeb got stuck in the vent. Zeb was later pulled out by Sabine who told him that two Inquisitors - the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother had arrived and captured Ezra. They set explosives but when the Fifth Brother turned up, he force pushed the explosives in their direction, knocking out both of them. The Fifth Brother took Sabine and left Zeb to the ID-9 Seeker Droids. Zeb managed to take them out, finding he was right next to the medical supplies. He found Chopper and the two headed back to the Phantom. Finally Zeb decided to save his friends and called them via comlink. He identified himself as Commander Meiloorun as he had done when he and Ezra had saved Morad and Morida Sumar on Lothal earlier on and the Inquisitors made Ezra reply that they would have to send help and that they would have to bring Kanan and Ahsoka. The Inquisitors took the prisoners to the hangar to wait for the Rebels to arrive and failed to see Zeb and Chopper in the Phantom upside down on the roof. Zeb suddenly swooped down and shot at the Inquisitors. Ezra used the force and took his lightsaber and he jumped into the ship with Sabine. They attempted to leave but the Inquisitors used the force to stop them from leaving and to start closing the blast doors. Blaster shots from the open back of the Phantom distracted the Fifth Brother who let go of his hold with the force and deflected them. Finally the Seventh Sister lost control and the ship escaped just as the doors closed behind them. Upon returning, Zeb and the Rebels alerted Kanan, Hera and Rex of the new Inquisitors' existence.

Zeb accompanied Hera, Sabine and Chopper to the planet of Shantipole where they met Quarrie - a Mon Calamari engineer. He at first refused to let Hera fly his B-wing prototype but finally gave in. When Hera was about to test the ship, Zeb told Quarrie that if the ship didn't fly, he would throw him over the edge to see how well he flew. The Rebels and Quarrie took the B-wing to reinforce the mission on Ibaar. The B-Wing shot at one of the light cruisers, allowing the Ghost to get through with supplies for the starving people of the planet.

Zeb went with Kanan, Ezra and Chopper to Takobo to investigate the location and discover the Inquisitors' goals. Ahsoka Tano investigated Chandel during this time. Zeb and Chopper found the Inquisitors' ships and found a baby in one of them - Alora. Zeb stated that he hoped it wasn't a baby Inquisitor. Kanan called him and told him to pick up Pypey, an Ithorian baby who had escaped with his mother's droid from the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother. Chopper took care of Alora on the Phantom while Zeb ran with the Ithorian baby. Pursued by the Inquisitors, he ran inside a building. Kanan and Ezra arrived and joined up with him. They left a comlink in a room and fooled the Fifth Brother into thinking that they were in the room. Ezra took Pypey while Kanan and Zeb faced the two warriors off. Zeb was quickly defeated by the Fifth Brother and the two ran, shooting a window and jumping out onto a speeder. The Inquisitors followed onto another speeder and the Fifth Brother threw his lightsaber, bringing Zeb and Kanan's speeder down. They reached Ezra who had reached the doorway to the hangar which was locked. Kanan and Zeb briefly duelled the Inquisitors but were defeated. Ezra activated his lightsaber but the Seventh Sister easily waved him away with the force. The door finally opened and Ahsoka walked out. She duelled the Inquisitors while Zeb, Kanan and Ezra escaped with Pypey. They took off in the Phantom and Ahsoka leapt up to them, escaping the Imperials.

Zeb and Chopper were out getting supplies on Garel when the Empire attacked. They only just made it onto the Ghost Ezra taking out Agent Kallus with the Force. The Rebel ships took off but the Liberator with Commander Sato and Captain Rex aboard got caught in a tractor beam and Hera disobeyed a direct order and went back for them. They managed to take out the tractor beam without Zeb even shooting it as planned.

Zeb and the rest of the crew of the Ghost attacked the Empire on Lothal while Ezra, Kanan, Ryder Azadi and Leia Organa were attempting to escape without giving away Leia's identity as a Rebel. Azadi took Organa as a hostage and ran aboard the Ghost, telling Zeb that Kanan was coming and to make it look good. Zeb knocked the two Jedi in Stormtrooper Disguise off their feet and dragged them aboard. The Rebels were going to have to get rid of the gravity locks on Princess Leia's ships to steal them so they devised a plan. Azadi, Sabine and Chopper managed to one by one to rid the Gravity Locks while Leia pretended to be mad at the Lieutenant Yogar Lyste for letting her be captured by Rebels. Kanan managed to take care of the walkers and the Rebels escaped with the ship, Ezra stunning Leia when she ordered him to.

Zeb present when Hera was injured severely by Fenn Rau, the Protector on Concord Dawn and Ezra and himself tried to convince Kanan to let them come with him to Concord Dawn. Although Kanan wouldn't let them, he took Chopper. Sabine sneaked aboard much to Kanan's annoyance. The two returned with Fenn Rau as captive who let Phoenix Squadron have a safe path through his system.

The Lothal Rebels rescued two prisoners from the Galactic Empire who just happened to be Lasat to Zeb's surprise. They identified themselves as Gron and Chava, the latter of who Zeb recognized. Gron told Zeb that he served underneath him in the Lasat Honour Guard. There was a prophecy that Chava claimed included a Warrior, a fool and a child. Zeb, thinking he was the warrior, couldn't see how this worked but Chava told him that he might not be the warrior. Eventually, Zeb agreed to help and used his Bo-rifle which located the new home of the Lasat. The Group traveled there where the found the hidden planet of Lira San and dropped of the two Lasat. Zeb visited the world and upon returning, told the rest of the rebels that there were heaps of Lasat already living there.

While trying to discover what the Empire was building over Geonosis, the Rebels fell into a trap set by Agent Kallus. On board the space station, Zeb was seperated from the others and was forced to leave in an escape pod.

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