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Garel was the main planet in the Garel System in the Lothal Sector of the Outer Rim Territories. Garel was only several minutes away from Lothal by hyperspace travel.


During the era of the Galactic Empire, Garel was a heavily urbanized desert planet. At the time, the planet housed a statue by the artist Janyor of Bith. This statue was reportedly controversial, according to Holonet News and was torn down by Imperial forces at one point.

Lothal Minister Maketh Tua once attempted to buy a shipment of T-7 ion disruptor rifles by the Aqualish arms dealer Amda Wabo on Garel, but was thwarted by the Lothal Rebels. This Rebel group later set up base on the planet after they were driven off of Lothal by the Galactic Empire during the Siege of Lothal. The Lothal Rebels and Phoenix Squadron were later forced off of Garel when the Empire tracked them back to the planet.


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