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The Great Scourge of Malachor was a battle that happened on Malachor millennia prior to the Clone Wars.

History Edit

A female Sith Lord created a superweapon on the planet. Finding out about her plans, the Jedi Order sent a task force to stop her weapon. A battle ensued on the plaza surrounding the Malachor Sith Temple, which housed the device. During the battle, the weapon activated prior to completion, scorching the ground around it and killing the combatants on both sides.

Following the battle and devastation, the planet was declared off-limits to all Jedi and tales of the scourge would pass on from generation to generation in the Jedi Order.

At least one Crossguard lightsaber was used by an unknown individual during the scourge. Millennia later, it was picked up by Ezra Bridger during his trip to the planet. He briefly activated it before it malfunctioned.

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