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Unidentified desert creature

Happabores are domestic creatures found on many planets in the Western Reaches, perhaps the result of some forgotten colonial effort. They have many uses, doing everything from pulling plows and ice sledges to carrying around royalty.

Biology Edit

Happabores have thick skin that lets them shrug off the heat, and they can go for days without water. It is said that Happabores have reservoirs inside their bodies that can store liters of water.

Breeding males will experience musth.

Happabores suffer from a myriad of parasites and can need to be dewormed, one known brand of dewormer was Happy-bore Medicated Dewormer. Known parasites include bladderworm, crop microserps, mltilggged throat croakers, intestinal fangworm, lesser and greater nasal nesting spit-crawlers, Cranial Nodular Worms, Trenwyth, Cheelit, and Lanteeb.

Behavior Edit

Happabores are very hard to provoke, they are patient and obedient and can take a lot of abuse.

Information Edit

Type: Non-sentient

Homeworld: Jakku (Not Native)

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