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The Immobilizer 418 was an Interdictor Cruiser made for the Imperial Navy by the Galactic Empire.

Description Edit

The 418 could control hyperspace travel around it, making it very powerful. Using its four gravity well projectors, the ship could pull other starships out of hyperspace. It was equipped with several turbolasers and had a complement of 24 TIE/ln starfighters that deployed out of it's single docking bay.

History Edit

Five years after the end of the Clone Wars, the 418 model was considered a state of the art design. One ship was taken from Corellia to aid in capturing the stolen corvette Carrion Spike. It was untested and as such, the flaws were not worked out. As the cruiser activated its gravity well projectors, the projectors were not kept stable and more ships were brought out of hyperspace, causing accidents. The cruiser was later sent back to Corellia for reassessment.

The Empire stopped making these immediately after the Battle of Yavin due to the design's vulnerabilites. The production line had been ongoing for a while and even with the end of the run, many ships remained in service throughout the galaxy.

Appearances Edit

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