Imperial Death Troopers were an elite force of Imperial Stormtroopers used by the members of the Tarkin Initiative around the time of the Battle of Yavin by the Galactic Empire. They wore black armour and were not to mixed up with the similar Shadow Trooper. They were known to serve under Director Orson Krennic.

History Edit

Early History and Background Edit

Death Troopers were picked from the most elite Stormtrooper units in the Imperial Army who underwent elite training and later recived classified medical enhancments to become the "perfect stormtrooper". Imperial Death Troopers gained their name due to a Imperial bioweapons project that went wrong, possibly something similar to the Dandoran Breakout.

Usage by Thrawn Edit

During the Rebellion against the Galactic Empire, Grand Admiral Thrawn utilized a squadron of Death Troopers to aid his attempts in destroying the early rebellion.

Galactic Civil War and Usage by Krennic Edit

During the early Galactic Civil War, an squadron of Death Troopers were assigned to serve under Director Orson Krennic and worked as his personal bodyguards. They were present fighting against the Rebel Alliance in battles such as the Battle of Scarif.

Variants Edit

Squads Edit

Thrawn's Death Troopers

Grand Admiral Thrawn and a squad of Death Troopers

Appearances Edit

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