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Imperial Transport

The Imperial Gozanti-class Cruiser was a variant of the Gozanti-class Cruiser, a freighter model modified for use by the Galactic Empire.

Description Edit

Drastically changed from its stock form, the Imperial Gozanti had four clamps with airlocks added that could carry one TIE Fighter each. The main frame had a flat section added between the engines and the rest of the ship, which gave the Gozanti a shape reminiscent of the Empire's angular warships. The four clamps could alternatively carry two AT-DP walkers or two prototype AT-AT walkers.

In addition to practical changes, the Imperial Gozanti was painted grey with no color variation. This made it similar to Imperial-made ship designs.


Imperial Gozantis transported Stormtroopers, TIE fighters and AT-DP walkers through Hyperspace. They were also used to carry prototype AT-AT walkers at the garrison on Lothal. Like their previous incarnations, the Imperial Gozantis also carried supplies and provisions, including cargo containers attached to the sides of the vessel in space. A group of Gozantis carrying large kyber crystals were notably destroyed by the Lothal rebels several years before the Battle of Yavin.

At the Battle of Hoth, the Imperial commander Darth Vader ordered Admiral Firmus Piett to land their troops beyond the range of the Rebel Alliance protective theater shield on Hoth's surface. General Maximilian Veers subsequently decided to use Gozanti-class freighters and the smaller Theta-class barges to transport Blizzard Force instead of Y-85 Titan dropships. The Gozanti being more agile against Rebel starfighters.

The Gozantis landed later-generation AT-AT walkers, pairing one freighter with each individual AT-AT. Rebel soldiers viewed the Imperial freighters from afar as they descended on the ice planet, commenting that the freighter-walker combination looked like flakes of snow at the extreme distance.

Appearances Edit

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