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Kanan Jarrus, once Caleb Dume, was a Jedi Padawan who survived Order 66 and became the leader of the Ghost crew. He was trained under Jedi Master Depa Billaba during his time prior to the Jedi Purge. He became a Jedi Knight on Lothal and continued to serve the rebellion until his death while saving Hera Syndulla from captivity from the Galactic Empire.


Caleb Dume was taken into the Jedi Temple at a very early age and was trained as a Jedi. He met many great Jedi such as Luminara Unduli and Yoda. He trained with fellow initiates Sammo Quid and Tai Uzuma.

Clone Wars Edit

Dume hurt his head in a training session and Yoda sent him to the infirmary. However, once he arrived, his cut had already stopped bleeding and he was told to leave. In a bacta tank, he saw Jedi Master Depa Billaba, who he felt a connection to immediately.

Caleb later attempted to get Billaba to choose him as her apprentice after he had passed the trials. He was told that she had been defeated on Haruun Kaal recently and was "damaged goods". He decided to go and ask her what had happened to her but before they could finish talking, Rackham Sear, a Separatist captain was intruding the temple to set bombs. Billaba saved Caleb from the explosions and they followed him up onto the roof. Sear attacked Kanan but Billaba intervened and even destroyed the timer for the bombs. Sear eventually commited suicide and Billaba and Dume only just escaped explosion. Depa asks Caleb to be her apprentice and he joins her on the battlefield of the Clone Wars after constructing his own lightsaber.

Dume went with Billaba to Kardoa where he met Clone Troopers Grey, Styles, Soot and Big-Mouth as well as CT-1157 who hadn't been given a nickname yet. A Recon Droid spotted them and they were ambushed by the Separatist. Dume was shot and injured while disobeying orders and three B1 battle droids approached him. CT-1157 came and shot the three droids down before they could finish Caleb, giving him the nickname "Stance".

Caleb later participated in the third Battle of Mygeeto against General Grievous and Coburn Sear. They were losing the battle until Skull Squadron led by Fenn Rau arrived and saved them. Grievous and Sear arrived with more forces and Coburn killed Stance. Sear duelled Caleb while Billaba took on Grievous. Caleb managed to destroy Sear's weapons and told him to surrender. Coburn refused and was killed by flames, jumping off a cliff. Caleb realised this was his first kill.

Later in the war, Caleb and Billaba took part in the Battle of Kaller against General Kleeve. Caleb met Gamut Key as well as other Kallerans while he was there. They also met Janus Kasmir, who had little respect for the Jedi. Caleb was alone with Billaba and they trained through until night time. He shared a friendly moment with his master and some of the Clone Troopers by a bonfire.

Order 66 Edit


Caleb and Bilara's clone troopers betraying them after Order 66.

Unknown to Caleb or Depa, Chancellor Sheev Palpatine ordered all of the Clone Trooper Commanders to activate Order 66 almost right afterwards. Billaba and Dume felt the deaths of other Jedi throughout the galaxy and were confronted by Commander Grey and the other Clone Troopers. Dume watched as Billaba killed two of the clones in self-defence and was shocked. He woke up and ended up killing Soot and Big-Mouth. Grey ordered his troops to surround the Jedi. Billaba told Dume to run, assuring him that she would be right behind him. He knew she was lying, but he ran into the woods anyway. He watched in shock as Commander Grey shot down his master. Her sacrifice gave him enough time to hide himself where the Clones couldn't find him and he avoided them all night. He managed to get to Plateau City in the morning but was forced to hide from Clones who were still searching for him. He didn't have credits so he had to search the trash for food.

Rise of an Empire Edit

Janus Kasmir discovered him and gave him some real food. He was walking away as Dume begged for a place to sleep that was safe. Kasmir allowed him to sleep in the spare bunk of his ship, the Kasmiri. Kasmir gave Caleb clothes to replace his Jedi robes then he told him to finish his meal and leave the ship. Caleb stole the ship when Kasmir walked outside and traveled to Coruscant. On the way, he intercepted a message from Obi-Wan Kenobi to all of the remaining Jedi telling them to go into hiding from the Empire. Exiting hyperspace, he was attacked by ARC-170 starfighters who had heard of a stolen ship. He escaped and returned to Kaller where Kasmir was none too impressed, wanting nothing to do with the Jedi. Caleb continued to follow Kasmir around and finally saved him from Tåpusk and his comrades, who fled afterwards. Kasmir allowed Caleb to replace them in a job. He had to depart from his Jedi ways to get the job, so he got rid of his padawan braid, destroyed his comlink, uploaded Obi-Wan's message to his holocron and hid it and his lightsaber away safely. He began to consider a new name for himself as he went on a job with Kasmir. They attempted to steal IG-RM droids to later sell on the black market but they were caught by guards. Kasmir betrayed Dume in exchange for the droids and left. Grey and Styles were alerted of his capture by Gamut Key. Kasmir returned and rescued Caleb to his surprise and they escaped in the Kasmiri. Caleb and Kasmir continued in a partnership following that day. They went on various jobs as the Galactic Empire was formed and Grey and Styles continued to hunt them down as soldiers of that new Empire.

A Former General Edit

Caleb captured by clones

Caleb is captued by Imperial Shock troopers, Grey and Styles.

Kasmir and Dume traveled to Lahn and they met with Kasmir's trading parter - Jondo. Caleb immediately recognised him as Separatist General Kleeve and threatened to kill him but finally accepted that the war was finally over. Kasmir was captured by Grey and Styles and Caleb went with Kleeve to Kleeve's ship, but they were found by the Imperial forces. Grey and Styles put Caleb in a Gozanti-class cruiser to return to Kaller before executing him. Dume tried to convince the clones that Palpatine had betrayed the Republic, but they disagreed. Dume called on the force and opened the airlock, sending him into space. He was picked up by Kasmir and Kleeve. Their ships couldn't hold off the Imperial fire but Grey realised what he had done during Order 66 and destroyed their ships controls. Kasmir and Kleeve shot at the ship and destroyed it, killing Grey, Styles and the other troops aboard.

Kanan Jarrus Edit

Caleb left Kasmir, suggesting that Kleeve be his new partner, taking his lightsaber and his holocron with him. He took on the name Kanan Jarrus and forsook his Jedi ways almost completely, traveling to Moraga and then finally Gorse. At Gorse, he got a job as a freighter pilot, taking baradium bisulfate to the planet's moon Cynda. His ship was called Expedient and he continued to live in the flophouse next-door to the cantina for five years.

Rebelling against the Empire Edit

Sloane captured Kanan

Kanan is captured by Imperial officer Slone and her stormtroopers.

Kanan refused to support the mad-man Skelly's theory that the Galactic Empire was destroying Cynda by the mining operations on the moon. He met Count Denetrius Vidian on the moon and it was a tense meeting. Vidian continued to call him the "Gunslinger" after that. Skelly set up an explosion at zone 42 and Kanan was almost caught in it, using the force to stop rocks from falling on top of him. He thought he might have revealed his true nature and decided to leave Cynda and Gorse, returning to Expedient. However, he found Skelly, who was now being searched for on the moon having been identified as the source of the explosion at zone 42 aboard his ship after he had taken off. He handed Skelly to Gord Grallik back at Moonglow, intending to leave the company soon after. After that he got swept into an affair between Skelly and Vidian, who had the help of Captain Rae Sloane. Kanan and a Twi'lek rebel named Hera Syndulla, (who he had taken a liking for), he met on the street along with Skelly and a sullustan named Zaluna Myder all became wanted by Vidian and the rest of the Empire. They eventually managed to stop Vidian's plan to destroy Cynda and Skelly ended up blowing up Vidian as well as himself while Kanan, Zaluna and Hera escaped. Zaluna settled down on another planet, having lost her eyesight and Kanan joined Hera on her ship - the Ghost as a crewmember to help fight the Empire.

The beginning of a Rebellion Edit

Kanan, at the age of 28, became a leader of the crew of the Ghost. It's original members were Kanan, Hera and her droid C1-10P, better known as Chopper but a Lasat named Garazeb Orrelios and a Mandalorian named Sabine Wren had joined since Kanan first arrived. They fought against the Empire but Hera had been keeping the fact that they were a part of a larger rebel group a secret from even Kanan. They were stationed on the planet of Lothal and would raid the Imperials for supplies as the forces on Lothal were reasonably weak at that time.

Kanan Zeb and Sabine

Kanan, as a member in Ghost Crew on Lothal, alongside Zeb and Sabine.

During a raid in the Lothal Capital City, Kanan sensed the pretence of Ezra Bridger, a fourteen year-old street kid who was strong in the force. He continued the mission with Sabine and Zeb as Ezra watched and they stole speeders that towed crates. Ezra leapt from above and landed on one, thanking the rebels for doing the heavy lifting. He sped off and got away despite Stormtrooper's and Sabine's attempts to stop him. Kanan and Zeb pursued on the other speeders but Zeb was forced to stay behind when Kanan ordered him to look after his crate, ejecting it so that he could speed up and catch the boy. TIE fighters arrived and Kanan offered Ezra an escape route with the Ghost which he accepted and Kanan watched as Ezra called on the force without realising to jump onto the hovering ship with the crate. The Ghost entered hyperspace to lose the TIE fighters but just returned to Lothal afterwards. Cikatro Vizago payed them for the crates and Jarrus re-entered the ship, finding Bridger in his quarters, with his lightsaber in his hand. Kanan demanded his weapon returned immediately but allowed Bridger to steal the Holocron as a test. Vizago had told the crew of Wookies that the Empire had taken as slaves and they prepared to save them. They arrived at a lone Gozanti-class cruiser, claiming to have another Wookie prisoner for them. They used Zeb, telling the Stormtroopers that he was a rare hairless Wookie, They didn't buy it so Zeb smashed them. Zeb and Kanan went inside with Sabine and Chopper. Unknown to them, the Lawbringer exited hyperspace nearby and attached itself to the cruiser. Agent Kallus entered with Imperial reinforcements as Ezra arrived to warn the rebels. They exited the ship but Ezra was captured by Agent Kallus, only seen by Zeb, who later told Kanan, Hera and Sabine.

Ezra escapes

Ezra escaped from Imperial forces, just as Kanan and the rest of the Ghost Crew arrived to rescue him.

Kanan and the other rebels decided to return for Ezra, to which they were surprised to find he had already escaped and arrived at the hangar just as they pulled in. Bridger told Kanan and the others that he had found out where the Wookies were actually being held - on Kessel. They arrived on the planet and managed to free Wulfwarro, Kitwarr and the other Wookies being held. Agent Kallus arrived, limiting their options of escape and Kanan activated his lightsaber, revealing his past to all onlookers. Kallus frowned and ordered all fire on the Jedi. They escaped soon afterwards and Ezra stole Kanan's lightsaber before returning the holocron. Bridger left with the lightsaber when they dropped him off on Lothal and Kanan turned up afterwards at Ezra's home, telling him he could either keep the lightsaber as a useless relic, or return it and learn the ways of the force under Jarrus. Ezra chose the second offer eventually and became Kanan's padawan.

The Lothal Rebels went on a mission to Garel where they stole a shipment of Imperial Disruptors off Adma Wabo and Minister Maketh Tua. Tua's droids - R2-D2 and C-3PO boarded the Ghost as stowaways as the Rebels escaped with the weapons. Arriving on Lothal, they tried to sell the weapons to Cikatro Vizago but were interrupted by the arrival of Agent Kallus, with Stormtroopers and AT-DP walkers. The Rebels destroyed the disruptors to prevent the Empire from taking them. Jarrus found out that C-3PO and R2-D2 really owned to senator Bail Organa and he returned the droids to their rightful owner.

Ezra and Zeb later got into an argument and Hera made them go off to find a Meiloorun fruit as well as some other items. The two got into a mess and stole a TIE Fighter. Kanan ordered them to destroy the imperial starfighter but the they kept it in secret, claiming to have done as he asked.

Gall Trayvis's transmission interrupted Kanan's training of Ezra and told rebels that Jedi Master Luminara Unduli had survived the Clone Wars and was being held prisoner on Stygeon Prime in the Spire. Kanan and the rebels arrived on the planet to rescue her, Kanan hoping to find her so that she could teach Ezra herself. Upon reaching her cell, Ezra and Kanan discovered that it was a trap and only Luminara's bones still existed. The Grand Inquisitor stepped into the cell and introduced himself to them. After fighting Kanan for a few seconds he declared that his master had been Depa Billaba from his fighting style. The Rebels escaped the Inquisitor and his stormtroopers. Kanan told Ezra that he would stop just trying to train him and actually would train him.

Vyndal natives fighting

The natives of Vyndal fight against Imperial forces to protect Kanan and Yelb.

Kanan was later on a solo mission in the Phantom when he was attacked by TIE's. He crash landed on the planet Vyndal before passing out. Two natives rescued him and took him to the village leader - Yeleb. Yeleb was in possession of a lightsaber, but Kanan could see through his lies. The Grand Inquisitor arrived with Imperial forces and both Jarrus and Yeleb fought him to defend the village. Yeleb was severely injured during the duel and he lay dying while Jarrus tricked the Inquisitor into thinking he was escaping in one of their cruisers. Jarrus returned and told Yeleb that his actions were worthy of an jedi before he died.

Kanan had avoided Kaller for years on end but was forced to return to the planet when "Fulcrum" told the rebels of supplies on the planet. Kanan split the team up at Plateau City, telling Syndulla that he would go with Chopper. He followed the intel that he thought would take him to his old partner Janus Kasmir but it instead led him to Tápusk. The two fought and Kanan was stabbed by him after taking out all his other men. Kanan eliminated him as a threat quickly afterwards. The Rebels escaped the planet as the Stormtroopers arrived at the medcenter that Kanan was being treated at.

Empire Day Edit


Kanan tricks an Imperial pilots before attacking him and stealing an imperial transport.

Empire day came around and Jarrus and the rebels intervened and destroyed a TIE advanced v1 on show. They fled from Kallus and the Inquisitor afterwards and ran into one of their secret hideouts. There they found Tseebo, a Rodian wanted by the Empire. Tseebo held valuable information so the Rebels attempted to escape Lothal with him. They managed to steal an ITT and board the Ghost from it, despite Kallus's intervention. The Inquisitor followed in his TIE advanced and managed to place a tracker aboard the ship. When the rebels discovered the tracker, they realised it was on the Phantom. Kanan and Ezra left, dangerously exiting the Ghost in the Phantom while in hyperspace. They went to Fort Anaxes and waited for the Inquisitor to arrive. At the fort, Ezra managed to connect with the vicious Fyrnocks before the Inquisitor arrived. The Inquisitor engaged Kanan in combat for a while. Eventually the Grand Inquisitor came out on top and force-pushed Kanan away, knocking him out. Taking Kanan's lightsaber, The Inquisitor was attacked by a new threat, a giant Fyrnock that Ezra had connected with and sent on him. He dropped Kanan's lightsaber in the commotion and Kanan grabbed it as they ran back to the Phantom. They left the planet and Kanan told Ezra that the connection to the force he had used to connect with the Giant Fyrnock was that of the dark side and that it was dangerous.

Kanan discovered a Jedi Temple on Lothal and used it as a test to see if Ezra really was meant to become a Jedi. Ezra used the force and found the Temple. They entered it and Ezra saw a series of visions to test him. Afterwards, he heard the voice of master Yoda and passed the tests. Kanan, outside the inner temple, also heard Yoda, who also spoke to him. Ezra returned with a Kyber Crystal in his hand. With the help of the rest of the crew, Ezra built his lightsaber over the next few weeks.

Ezra had a vision of Gall Trayvis and believed that he knew what happened to his parents. Kanan told him not to trust his vision blindly. They went to meet with Trayvis in the Old Republic Senate Building but were ambushed by Agent Kallus and his forces. They escaped with Trayvis but discovered as they were leaving that he was a traitor to them and was loyal to the Galactic Empire. The Rebels escaped before Kallus could catch them, leaving Trayvis behind.

Kanan captured by imperials

Kanan is interogated on by Tarkin and the Grand Inquisitor.

Capture Edit

Later on, Kanan led a mission to enter the Imperial Communications Tower on Lothal and send a message. They attempted to avoid an Imperial Viper Probe Droid and thought that they had but the droid spotted them and alerted the newly arrived Grand Moff Tarkin of their presence. While in the tower, the Grand Inquisitor arrived and duelled Kanan at the bottom while Hera escaped with the others. The Inquisitor introduced his captive to Tarkin who hadn't believed that there could be any Jedi left.

Kanan vs inquisitor

Kanan duels Grand Inquisitor above Mustafar aboard Tarkin's star destroyer.

Kanan was taken above Mustafar in the Sovereign where he was interrogated by Agent Kallus, Tarkin and the Inquisitor about other Rebels and the identity of Hera's contact - "Fulcrum". He actually didn't know the answers to these questions although his enemies didn't think so. Finally, the Ghost crew arrived to rescue him and Ezra arrived at his cell, freeing him. As they left, they ran into the Inquisitor, who activated his lightsaber. Kanan borrowed Ezra's lightsaber to duel him on the walkways above the reactor core. Kanan found himself on the other side of the Inquisitor during the duel and Ezra used the force to take his masters lightsaber from his belt. Ezra was quickly knocked down, Jarrus's lightsaber dropping to the floor and Bridger falling of the edge of the walkway. Kanan was enraged, believing Bridger to be dead and took his lightsaber, duelling the Inquisitor with both his and Ezra's blades. He cut the Inquisitor's lightsaber in two from the handle and pushed him over the edge so that he was hanging on to the side of the platform. The Inquisitor's lightsaber fell into the reactor, damaging it severely and the Inquisitor let go, falling to his death after telling Kanan that there are some things far worse than death. Kanan discovered that Bridger had survived the fall and the two escaped in the Inquisitor's TIE advanced. They joined Hera, Zeb and Sabine, who were in the stolen TIE fighter that Zeb and Ezra had taken a while back. With no way to escape due to the fact that Chopper had left randomly with their ship to escape in, they had no choice but to stay and avoid the hundreds of TIE fighters. Finally, Chopper returned in the Ghost, but not without help - some ships from the rebel cell - Phoenix Squadron were with him. They docked with one of their ship and escaped via hyperspace. They finally met "Fulcrum" once aboard who revealed herself to be a former jedi named Ahsoka Tano.

Siege of Lothal Edit

Kanan stormtrooper

Kanan Jarrus disguised as an Imperial Stormtrooper Commander on Lothal

Kanan and the Ghost crew went on a few missions with Phoenix Squadron and Kanan wanted the crew to leave and go back to what they were doing - missions on their own. Maketh Tua contacted the squadron and asked for safe passage off Lothal since she was in danger. She offered secrets of the Empire in exchange for this. Commander Sato, leader of Phoenix Squadron approved of the mission and the Lothal Rebels returned again to Lothal. They didn't take the Ghost to avoid detection and instead took a star commuter 2000. Once on the ground, Kanan knocked out a Stormtrooper Commander, stealing his armour. Agent Kallus arrived to escort Tua to her shuttle that would take her to Grand Moff Tarkin. Sabine, Ezra and Hera shot from above while Kanan suddenly attacked the Imperials from below. Ezra told Tua to enter the shuttle and they started to follow her but the shuttle exploded, knocking them back and killing the minister. Kallus told them that they had been responsible for her death. The Rebels attempted to escape in the star commuter but some AT-DP walkers shot them down. Stuck on Lothal Kanan and the others tried their old hideouts, only to find they had been discovered by the Empire. They came up with a plan to steal a shuttle from the Imperial Armoury Complex. Upon arrival, they managed to sneak inside, using Jarrus's disguise. Outside, they reached the shuttle but were attacked by Darth Vader. Bridger and Jarrus duelled Vader, not standing a chance against the Sith Lord. Vader knocked Jarrus away and used the force to push Bridger's lightsaber towards his own throat, taunting him and saying that his master had tricked him into thinking he could become a Jedi. Jarrus rejoined the action in time to save his apprentice. The Jedi used the force to topple some walkers on top of Vader, but the Sith Lord used the force to push them up. The Rebels escaped in the shuttle after some help from Lando Calrissian.

Attack on the Fleet Edit

Darth Vader pursued the Ghost in his personal TIE advanced and attacked Phoenix Squadron by himself. Kanan, Ahsoka and Ezra could sense the darkness and guessed who was flying the TIE. Commander Sato was forced to abandon Phoenix Home and Liberator was transformed into the new command ship when Vader destroyed first ship. Hera flew the Ghost in between two newly arrived star destroyers and entered hyperspace just as they both activated their tractor beams. Instead, Lord Vader was caught in the beam and the Rebels escaped.

Clone Allies Edit

Kanan Rex Ezra on Seelos

Rex overhears Kanan and Ezra talking about Order 66

Ahsoka sent Kanan with the Ghost crew to find her old friend on Seelos to recruit him to the rebels. Upon arrival, they met Captain Rex and two other clones - Commander Wolffe and Commander Gregor. Immediately, Kanan activated his lightsaber. After he calmed down the rebels and clones talked. Kanan had disliked clones ever since Order 66 and still didn't like the old men. Rex didn't wish to get into another war but he agreed to give them a list of potential bases for the Rebels. The Rebels agreed to help the Clones hunt Jhoopa. Sabine discovered that one of the Clones had alerted the Empire of their presence. When Rex confronted Wolffe, he admitted that he had alerted the Empire to keep himself and his brothers safe. A Viper Probe Droid attacked and evaded various Rebels and Clones before escaping with footage however as it flew off, Rex sniped the droid down. The droid had already sent an alert to Kallus and the Empire.

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Trivia Edit

  • Kanan was known as the "Cowboy Jedi" in promo clips for season 1
  • Kanan has many similarities to Jedi Master Rahm Kota from Legends.
    • Both characters are Order 66 survivors.
    • Both character's have or had at some point a disliking to clones (Though Kota had already a disliking to them prior to Order 66, while Kanan hated them after the order and eventually come to terms with it).
    • As of Season Three, both characters are blind.
      • Sam Witwer voiced both characters that blinded Kanan and Kota (Darth Maul and Starkiller respectively).
  • Kanan's name is a reference to the biblical land of Caanan
  • Kanan is the first member of the Ghost crew to be killed off on the show
  • Dave Filoni and the other crew at LucasFilm clarified that Kanan could see Hera just before his death which gives the line that they will see each other again more meaning

Behind the Scenes Edit

Kanan Jarrus is voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr. in Star Wars: Rebels.

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