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Karabast was a Lasaat exclamation uttered quite frequently by the species. It was used by Garazeb Orrelios and was adopted by Ezra Bridger after the boy spent time with Zeb.

Appearances Edit

Note: this list is incomplete

  • The Rebellion Begins
  • Rebels-logo-big Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion (First appearance)
  • Droids in Distress book
  • Rebels-logo-big Droids in Distress
  • Rebels-logo-big Out of Darkness
  • Rebels-logo-big Empire Day
  • Rebels-logo-big Gathering Forces
  • Rebels-logo-big Idiot's Array
  • Rebels-logo-big Call to Action
  • "Rebel Bluff"—Star Wars Insider 158
  • Rebels-logo-big Fire Across the Galaxy
  • Rebels-logo-big Star Wars Rebels: The Siege of Lothal
  • Rebels-logo-big The Lost Commanders