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General Information
Region Mid Rim Kashyyk Ghost Raid
Sector Mytaranor sector
System Kashyyyk system
Capital Unknown
atmosphere Breathable to most species
Native Species *Wookiee
Natural Satellites 3 moons

Kashyyyk was a planet in the Mid Rim of the galaxy. It was covered in wroshyr trees and was the homeplanet of the Wookiee species.

Appearances Edit

  • Star Wars: Galactic Defense
  • Star Wars The Clone Wars logo Lethal Trackdown (Appears on poster only, spelled "Kashyk")
  • Star Wars The Clone Wars logo Pursuit of Peace (Appears on billboard only, spelled "Kashyk")
  • Star Wars The Clone Wars logo Wookie Hunt (Indirect mention only)
  • Star Wars The Clone Wars logo Destiny (Mentioned only)
  • Star Wars The Clone Wars logo Season 7 (Unreleased)
  • MSjF3lW Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith (First appearance)
  • Adventures in Wild Space: The Nest (Mentioned only)
  • Ahsoka (Mentioned only)
  • Tarkin (Mentioned only)
  • Starbird Lost Stars (Mentioned only)
  • Star Wars 20: From the Journals of Old Ben Kenobi (Mentioned only)
  • HoloNet News Report: Wookiee Revolt Quelled on Kashyyyk (link) (Mentioned only)
  • Star Wars Rebels: Ghost Raid
  • Rise of the Rebels (Mentioned only)
  • Rebels-logo-big Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion (Indirect mention only)
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  • Chewbacca, Part II (Appears in flashback(s))
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