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Kor Sella was a female Human Commander in the Resistance. General Leia sends her to the New Republic Senate during the war between the Resistance and the First Order. She died when the First Order destroyed the Hosnian System with Starkiller Base.

Biography Edit

Sella was born to Sendiv Sella and another Senator in the New Republic. At the early age of 16 she was an intern working for Senator Leia Organa in the Senate. Leia looked upon her as a daughter since she never saw her own son Ben.

Korr Sella was assigned by Leia to the New Republic Senate to gain support to the Resistance. When Supreme Leader Snoke decided to destroy the Hosnian System with Starkiller Base, General Hux ordered the weapons powers to unleash. Sella, Chancellor Villecham and many others ran outside as the other planets in the system were destroyed and watched in shock and fear as the blast approached. Sella was killed along with everyone else on the planet of Hosnian Prime.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Although she only appeared in one scene during the film, Sella appears in a deleted scene of the movie.

Appearances Edit