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The Lambda-class T-4a shuttle was a shuttle model created to transport Imperial troops, equipment and high Imperial leaders around the galaxy.

Description Edit

The Lambda-class was a tri-winged shuttle, similar to the Sentinel-class landing craft. The two wings on each side could fold up when landing. The Lambda was armed with two double laser cannons and a rear-facing cannon.

It could carry at least 17 average-size humanoids. The shuttle was also used as a cargo transport. Passengers and cargo exited on a ramp underneath the cockpit-area.

History Edit

Darth Vader and Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine, along with 4 royal guards and two crew, used a shuttle to escape the Perilous when it blew up in the Ryloth system. Moff Delian Mors used one as well, but both shuttles were shot down by the Free Ryloth Movement and left their crew and leaders stranded on the planet.

Just before the Battle of Endor both Palpatine and Darth Vader used their own shuttles to travel to the Death Star II battle station. Palpatine's shuttle was marked with a grey stripe over the cockpit.

The Lambda-class was still used after the Battle of Endor by important Imperial officials such as Admiral Rae Sloane.

Appearances Edit

  • Star Wars: Galactic Defense
  • Lords of the Sith
  • A New Dawn
  • Star Wars Rebels: Ghost Raid
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