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Lor San Tekka was a Human male and an explorer who was born during the days of the Galactic Republic. Following the Battle of Endor he was a member of the Church of the Force, believing in the Jedi and the force. He aided Luke Skywalker in his search for Jedi artifacts. After Ben Solo turned to the dark side and became Kylo Ren, wiping out many of the Jedi students of Luke's new generation of Jedi, the Jedi Master went into exile on Ahch-To. Tekka became a target for both the Resistance and the First Order as the only person who would have an idea of Luke's whereabouts. Although almost captured by the First Order, Agent Terex whose real allegiance was to nobody, used him as a bargaining chip to get implants in his head removed by Phasma. He then gave Lor San Tekka's coordinates to both the First Order and the Resistance where he had left the man floating in space, hoping the two factions would rip each other apart. The Resistance successfully rescued Tekka and took him back to their base on D'Qar where Leia Organa asked him to find the location of Luke.

Holding the last piece of the map to Ahch-To, Tekka called the Resistance to Jakku and Leia sent Poe Dameron to the planet. However, the First Order also arrived and assaulted the villagers. Tekka told Dameron to leave immediately before being captured and brought to Kylo Ren. Giving Dameron time to give BB-8 the map segment, Tekka mocked Ren, telling him of how he knew him back when he didn't go by that name. Ren eventually activated his crossguard lightsaber and killed the man.

Biography Edit

Tekka was born during the days of the Galactic Republic and had respect for the Jedi Order and the force. Tekka was one of the few people who didn't believe the Emperor when he announced the Jedi as traitors. During the Imperial rise to power, Tekka became part of the underground Church of the Force that continued to believe the ways of the Jedi and the force regardless of the fact that many of them were not force-sensitive. San Tekka went on to travel and explore much of the galaxy and aided the New Republic after the Empire's defeat during the Battle of Jakku.

San Tekka aided Luke Skywalker in tracking down Jedi artifacts from around the galaxy and watched him build a new Jedi Order of students. He came to know Ben Solo the son of Leia Organa and Han Solo while he trained under Luke.

Lor San Tekka was not present but heard of the events in which Ben Solo turned to the dark side and with a few of the other students, destroyed the Jedi temple and the other Jedi who didn't join him. Luke went into exile on Ahch-To and Tekka owned a map to that very place.

Center of Galactic Conflict Edit

Leia Organa created the Resistance when the First Order rose from the ashes of the Galactic Empire and both factions tried to find San Tekka who would be the only person to know of Luke's whereabouts. Leia sent Poe Dameron and Black Squadron to track him down.

Dameron and Agent Terex of the First Order both went to Ovanis where they learnt San Tekka had been with the Creche people a while ago. Following their skirmish there, Black Squadron traveled to Megalox Beta where they were forced to free Grakkus the Hutt in order for intel including places Lor San Tekka had visited. Although Terex tried to stop them and get the information for himself, Black Squadron was successful.

Tekka went to Cato Neimoidia and took a guided tour of the Palace of Baron Paw Maccon. Caught inspecting an ancient force-created object, Tekka was arrested for stealing and put in a cell, shackled with golden chains. A ship landed on Baron Reya's platform and although Maccon didn't recognise her, San Tekka informed him it was Leia Organa who claimed she wished to keep her expensive gowns in his vaults. Dameron rescued Tekka from his cell and then hid him in Leia's gowns that she then decided weren't safe at Maccon's palace, although it was all part of their plan to save Tekka.


Lor San Tekka awaiting his fate in space

Dameron wished to help Black Squadron fight off the Vulture Droids above but when he got to his ship it was just taking off with Commander Malarus of the First Order at the controls. Agent Terex snuck aboard the ship with Tekka on it and left with him. As Malarus was shot down and out of the picture, Terex used the opportunity when his head implants began to malfunction to take control of his own actions and continually shocked himself with an electric baton to keep the implants offline. He then went and found Tekka who warned him against shocking himself. Terex called Phasma and offered her Lor San Tekka for the removal of his implants and then jettisoned the man into space in a spacesuit hoping that by giving both the First Order and the Resistance his coordinates he would get them to rip themselves apart. Both factions arrived and after a dogfight and a close call, the Resistance managed to rescue the man and take him back to D'Qar

Mission for Leia Organa Edit


San Tekka with Poe Dameron on D'Qar

While San Tekka didn't know where Luke was, he had his suspicions and so Leia gave him a starship so he could go investigate. Before leaving, Tekka talked to Poe Dameron and thanked him for saving his life on many occasions. He told Dameron that even though Luke Skywalker would help, not everything hinged upon him. He encouraged the young pilot that the force resided in everything and everyone before leaving.


On Jakku shortly before his death

Death on Jakku Edit

After finding out that Luke was on Ahch-To, Tekka called Leia and she sent Poe Dameron to Jakku to retrieve the last segment of the map to his location of exile. Poe arrived and San Tekka gave him the map as the First Order arrived. Stormtroopers ransacked Tuanul and Poe and BB-8 attempted to leave in Poe's X-wing but Stormtroopers spotted them and shot the ship down. Poe gave the map to BB-8 and told the little droid to leave. Tekka was captured by Stormtroopers and brought to Kylo Ren. To give Dameron time, Tekka taunted Ren and told him he remembered a time when he didn't go by the name Kylo Ren. When San Tekka didn't comply with Ren's wishes he activated his lightsaber and killed the man.

Legacy Edit

Lor San Tekka's sacrifice allowed BB-8 to later escape Jakku with Finn and Rey and later meant that Rey could travel to Ahch-To and find Luke.

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Trivia Edit

  • The Church of the Force was a concept of George Lucas for a live action tv show that was never produced and Pablo Hidalgo explained this in an interview.
  • In the game Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens which isn't canon, Lor San Tekka isn't killed when Ren's lightsaber malfunctions and San Tekka laughs. Instead of killing him, Ren uses the force to throw. him into space. A later cuscene shows he is still alive floating through space.

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In The Force Awakens, Lor San Tekka was played by Max von Sydow.

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