Teedo Luggabeast

Luggabeasts are a species of cybernetically-enhanced beasts of burden found on frontier worlds. The face of a luggabeast is forever hidden beneath armor plating, invasive mechanical systems enhance the luggabeast's endurance to well beyond natural levels.

Jakku’s Teedos luggabeasts as pack animals, calibrating the cyborg creatures’ instruments to find droids and other valuable salvage. Luggabeasts are created offworld, occassionaly a teedo will wander into Niima Outpost with heads trailing a bunch of wires and a few weeks later a freighter arrives with more luggabeasts.

Luggabeasts come preprogrammed and they walk straight down the ramps of the freighters with no guidance straight to their new masters. Luggabeasts are generally too small for most riders so larger folks on Jakku tend to prefer Happabores.

Appearances Edit

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