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Luke Skywalker's X-wing starfighter was a T-65B X-wing starfighter used by Rebel Pilot and Jedi in training Luke Skywalker during the Galactic Civil War.

History Edit

Luke first uses the X-wing during the Battle of Yavin alongside Biggs Darklighter and Wedge Antilles. During the battle, Skywalker destroys the Death Star with the X-wing.

Luke continues to fly for Red Squadron with the X-wing alongside the other Yavin survivor Wedge Antilles although they aren't given any credit by the other members for the Battle they took part in.

Luke left Red Squadron but continued to use the X-wing. He has it on Hoth as a member of Rogue Squadron and takes it to Dagobah where it gets stuck in the swamp. Yoda trains Luke in the ways of the force and later tries to get Luke to use it to pull his ship out of the swamp. Luke tells the old master that he will try but Yoda tells him there is do and there is do not but that there is no try. Luke fails to lift the X-wing but Yoda does it himself, demonstrating his great power in the force at his old age.

Luke takes the X-wing to Cloud City on Bespin against the will of Obi-Wan's ghost and Yoda who want him to finish his training. Luke duels Darth Vader and gets his hand chopped off. He somehow gets the X-wing back afterwards even though Leia and Lando pick him up in the Millennium Falcon.

He takes the X-wing to Tatooine and constructs his own lightsaber and after saving Han Solo he takes the starfighter back to Dagobah to finish his training. Yoda dies when he arrives and after a talk about Luke's family and his destiny. Luke takes the X-wing back to the fleet where they are preparing for an attack on the Second Death Star.

Luke took the X-wing to Ahch-To during his exile and left it in the sea below the Temple Island.

Appearances Edit

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