MSE-6 repair droids, or "Mouse Droids", were small box-like droids that rolled along the ground. They were assigned to Bases, Battle Stations and Ships. They were manufactured by the Rebaxan Columni and were most well known for being used by the Galactic Empire as security droids, and to help escort Stormtroopers.

History Edit

The Republic began using Mouse Droids towards the end of the Clone Wars on their Cruisers and Frigrates and the Confederacy of Independent Systems used them in their bases at the very end of the war such as on Mustafar and in The Citadel.

Unidentified MSE-6 droid

An MSE-6 repair droid working for the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars, helping escort Republic prisoners in The Citadel.

During the Civil War, Mouse Droids were used on Imperial Star Destroyers and on both Death Stars. As well as being repair droids, they were used as Stormtrooper Escorts.

They were used again by the First Order 30 some years after the Battle of Endor.

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