Mandalorian crusaders

Mural depicting Mandalorian crusaders in battle with Jedi.

A Mandalorian crusader was a type of Mandalorian warrior.

History Edit

These crusaders fought against the Jedi Order thousands of years prior to the Clone Wars. Their legacy was immortalized on a mural underneath a public speaker's balcony in Sundari on Mandalore. The artwork depicted the crusaders wielding swords and decapitating Jedi in front of a blazing sun.

Appearances Edit

  • Star Wars The Clone Wars logo The Mandalore Plot (First appearance) (Picture only)
  • Star Wars The Clone Wars logo Shades of Reason (Picture only)
  • Star Wars The Clone Wars logo The Lawless (Picture only)
  • Rebels-logo-big Season 3 (Picture only)

Sources Edit

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