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Maul, or Darth Maul and later known as the Old Master, was a Dathomirian Zabrak and Darth Sidious's Sith Apprentice during the Naboo Crisis.  Even though he was cut in half by Obi-Wan Kenobi, the sith lord returned during the Clone Wars, seeking revenge on the Jedi who cut him. His brother Savage Opress was killed by Darth Sidious who captured Maul. Maul later escaped and continued to try and build a criminal Empire. Following the Clone Wars, Maul was in charge of the group known as Crimson Dawn. He was later stranded on Malachor where he was hunted down by Inquisitors of the Galactic Empire. Ezra Bridger, Ahsoka Tano and Kanan Jarrus traveled to the planet and teamed up with Maul, only for him to betray them and blind Kanan. Maul met with Ezra later to join the Sith holocron and Kanan's Jedi holocron for the answers they were searching for. Maul discovered that Obi-Wan was still alive and began a search for his nemesis. Eventually he used Ezra Bridger to get to Obi-Wan and in a final duel Obi-Wan killed Maul.

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Early Life Edit

Darth Maul was born a Nightbrother in a clan on Dathomir with two brothers, Savage Opress and Feral, but was taken to be trained as the apprentice of Sidious.  

Sith Training Edit

Maul was trained by Sidious and learnt to use a Dual-bladed Lightsaber well.  He devoted himself to destroying the jedi although Sidious wouldn't let him go near them until the time was right. During a mission, Maul defeated at least one Rathtar on a planet. Following his encounter with the Rathtar, Maul was on Coruscant and got very close to Jedi Khaat Qiyn and her apprentice who felt him watching them. Maul managed to contain his anger and stayed in hiding. Sidious later told Maul that he was displeased with Maul going so close but gave him a new mission. Maul departed to save a fleet of the Trade Federation from pirate mercenaries and when he arrived on the command ship the pirates had the Neimoidians on lockdown. Maul killed all the pirates and many of the Neimoidians died in the fray as well. The one remaining Neimoidian congratulated Maul on saving him and the information which would get a reward for the Trade Federation from Darth Sidious. Maul replied that it was a pity everyone on the ship was killed before he arrived and then killed him, not telling Sidious the complmete truth upon return.

Jedi encounter Edit

Maul arrived on Tatooine in pursuit of the jedi, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn. He sent out Probe Droids to find them.  Just as the jedi and their allies were about to leave, Darth Maul sped up on his bike, jumped off and activated one side of his lightsaber. Qui-Gon battled him but escaped when the ship started to take off and the jedi jumped onto the ramp. 

Duel on Naboo Edit

Maul was sent to Naboo by his master to aid the Neimoidians, Nute Gunray and Rune Haako in their invasion. He met the two jedi in the hangar and battled them fiercly, this time using his two blades and the battle led into the generator complex. Obi-Wan fell onto a lower platform and laser force fields stopped him from reaching Maul and Qui-gon as they battled around the core. He watched as Maul battled and then stabbed his master. In rage, Obi-Wan raced out as soon as the fields turned off and battled Maul, who knocked him into the core shaft.  As his lightsaber fell down, he clung to a nozzel just bellow and Darth Maul paced above.  He didn't give up and leaping up, he used the force to take his masters lightsaber and he cut the Sith Lord in half.

Clone Wars Edit

Maul was thought for dead by both the jedi and Sidious but he somehow survived and was dumped on the World of Lotho Minor where Mother Talzin sent his brother Savage Opress to find. Maul had grown spiderlike legs and was getting food from an Anacondan named Morley.  Savage took Maul to Dathomir where Talzin healed him and gave him Cybernetic legs. Opress gave him a lightsaber and the zabrak swore revenge on Kenobi.

Search for Kenobi Edit

Savage and Maul led Maul to Raydonia by slaughtering innocent civilians. They almost captured him but he was rescued by Asajj Ventress who wanted revenge on Savage.  The unlikely team battled the brothers in their ship and eventually fleed after Maul mocked the jedi on his masters death.

Master of his Brother Edit

Maul and Savage rampaged across the galaxy and Savage questioned his brothers leadership. Maul disarmed him and from that point on, reffered to himself as Opress's master.

Working with Hondo's pirates Edit

Maul and Opress came to Florrum where they convinced part of Hondo Ohnaka's gang to join them in creating a criminal empire. 

The newly returned Darth Maul

When Adi Gallia and Obi-Wan arrive to take care of them, the Sith and Jedi duel, resulting in Gallia's death. Obi-Wan cuts off one of Savage's arms and the two retreat, finding Hondo's pirates reunited against them. Maul loses one of his cybernetic legs in the run but they make it to their ship. One of the pirates shoots rockets at it and it crashes. The Jedi believe they died in the crash but Obi-Wan believes otherwise.  

Rescued by the Death Watch Edit

The brothers are rescued by Death Watch after they escape into space and pass out. Pre Vizla decides not to kill them much to the objection of Bo Katan.  They give Opress a new arm and Maul a Leg and the Sith and Death Watch alliance. 

Creating the Shadow Collective Edit

Maul gains the alliance of the Black Sun, the Pykes and the Hutts, naming his organisation Shadow Collective.
Pre vs Maul-SOR

Duel for Leadership

Maul takes control of Mandalore and Duel with Pre Vizla Edit

The Sith and the Black Sun warriors led by Ziton Moj attack mandalore but when Death Watch arrive and arrest them all, they are thrown in prison along with Duchess Satine.  Death Watch are hailed as heroes and become the leaders of Mandalore. Maul and Opress escape and free Primeminster Almec to use as their puppet. Maul chalenges Vizla to a duel. Pre Vizla fights well but Maul comes out on top and beheads him with his ownDarksaber, claiming the weapon.  Maul becomes leader of Mandalore but Death Watch splits in to two. Those loyal to Maul create armour with red markings in honour of their leader and become the Mandalorian Super Commandos. Bo Katan, her Nite Owls and a few others refuse to serve under him and flee.

Fighting Mandalorian Resistance Edit

As Maul predicted, Bo Katan, Korkie Kryze, the Mandalorian Cadets and the Nite Owls attempt to rescue Satine and suceed but the Super Commando's recapture her immediately after she contacts Obi-Wan Kenobi. 

Revenge against Kenobi Edit

Obi-Wan infiltrates the palace and frees the duchess but the they are recaptured when the Twilight is shot down.  Maul stabs the Duchess with his Darksaber while Obi-Wan watches.  Bo Katan frees Obi-Wan and reveals that she was Satine's sister. She hoped that Obi-Wan would be able to defeat the Sith brothers. 

Apprentice duels former Master Edit

Maul and Opress, meanwhile, have a worse problem. Darth Sidious had arrived! They battle, Sidious with twolightsabers, but Opress is killed and Maul captured.

Captured by Sidious Edit

Maul was taken to Stygeon Prime and was tortured by Dooku to tell him more of Shadow Collective. Gar Saxon and Rook Kast, two Mandalorian Super Commandos rescued maul and took him to Zanbar although this was all part of Sidious's plan.   

Fighting the Separatists Edit

General Grievous attacked Zanbar and there were losses on both sides. Maul battled the cyborg personally. Maul ordered a retreat and reached out for help from Mother Talzin. Appearing to him in a cloud of smoke, Talzin tells him that Sidious must have intended that he escaped. Talzin ordered Maul to attack the Separatist once more and lure Grievous and Dooku into a trap. 

As Shadow Collective prepared to fight, Brother Viscus and some Nightbrothers arrived and joined the group. Grievous and Dooku are both captured as Talzin planned.

Fighting the Republic Edit

Talzin promised that with Dooku and Grievous in custody, that they surely would capture Sidious as well.

At the Mandalorian Oupost, Maul contacted Sidious and told him of Dooku and Grievous's capture in which the older Sith responded to kill them but Maul planned otherwise.

Maul and Talzin, the latter using magic to appear, managed to convince Dooku to join them although niether believed he was sincere. Tiplee, Mace Windu, Aayla Secura and Obi-Wan with Clones attack the oupost and Tiplee is killed. Grievous escapes during the fray. As Dooku and Maul battled the Jedi, Rook Kast fired a missile, creating a diversion and the Sith lords escape.

Maul attempts to save Talzin Edit

Second Battle of Dathomir

Maul and Talzin vs Sidious and Grievous

Shadow Collective arrive on Dathomir but not before Maul reveals to Dooku that he knew that he was faking the alliance as part of Sidious's plan. Talzin enters Dooku's body and readies to fight Sidious. The Sith Master arrives with Grievous. While Grievous battled Maul, Sidious easily came out on top of Talzin and blasted force lightning at Dooku's Body.  Releasing Dooku, the Witch was visible in physical form once again and Maul wanted her to use his life to become more powerful. She used her powers to throw him away from the duel and two death watch warriors including Kast dragged him away. As they fled, Grievous stabbed Talzin with his multiple Lightsabers much to Maul's dismay. 

Although Maul escaped, even Sidious believed he was no longer a threat to the galaxy.

Siege of Mandalore Edit

Maul returned to Mandalore and took his place on the throne but he was attacked by Ahsoka Tano and Bo Katan who with Captain Rex, was leading a group of Mandalorians and 501st Clone Troopers. The event became known as the Siege of Mandalore.

Crimson Dawn Edit

After losing control of the Death Watch in the Seige of Mandalore, Maul managed to regain a seat of power in the galaxy as the secret leader of the criminal organization known as the Crimson Dawn. Working as the puppet master over the organization's public leader, Dryden Vos, Maul managed to once again gain a sufficient foothold in the galactic underworld, even managing to form a somewhat stable alliance with his old allies in the Pyke Syndicate. However, in 10 BBY, Dryden Vos was murdered by the smuggler Han Solo and Qi'ra, the latter of which seemingly took over Dryden's position of leadership over the Crimson Dawn. She contacted the former Sith Lord to inform him of the situation. In response, Maul told her to meet him on his homeworld of Dathomir, where they would discuss what to do with Solo and the traitorous Tobias Beckett (whom she accused of being an accomplice of the assassin). As she prepared to shut the holo, Darth ignited his lightsaber and reminded Qi'ra in a threatening tone that from then on they would work more closely.

Malachor Edit


Maul on Malachor

Maul lived on, and eventually traveled to Malachor to gain knowledge and got trapped on the planet. When Ezra Bridger, Kanan Jarrus and Ahsoka Tano arrived on the planet, Maul met Ezra and tricked him into helping him into the Sith Temple nearby. They took the Sith Holocron from the vault and joined the other two against the Seventh Sister, the Fifth Brother and the Eighth Brother. Maul tricked the Jedi into believing that they could unlock the knowledge of the holocron by traveling to the very top of the Temple. On the way, the Inquisitors caused them trouble and Maul killed both the Seventh Sister and the Fifth Brother. The Eighth Brother jumped off the side of the Temple and his lightsaber malfunctioned so he fell to his death.

Betraying Kanan and Ahsoka Edit

Maul had sent Ezra to the top and finally revealed to Ahsoka and Kanan that he had tricked them and that Ezra would activate the temple as a superweapon. He slashed his saber at Kanan's face, blinding him. Ahsoka duelled Maul while Kanan put on a mask and picked up his weapon. Kanan used the force to sense Maul as he approached and managed grab his wrist, throwing him over the edge of the temple.

Escape from Malachor Edit

Maul survived the fall but didn't return to the temple as Vader arrived and duelled Ahsoka Tano. Ezra and Kanan escaped while Ahsoka and Vader were caught in the explosion, both barely surviving. Maul took one of the Inquisitor's TIEs and escaped the planet.

Another encounter with the Rebels Edit


Maul and Kanan Jarrus

Maul later captured Hera Syndulla, Garazeb Orrelios, Chopper and Sabine Wren, threatening to kill them unless Ezra and Kanan brought him both the Jedi and Sith holocrons. They did as he asked in order to save their friends and Maul tricked Ezra into believing he had kept their deal while he had actually sent Kanan into an airlock and emptied it and ordered droids to terminate the others. The two of them opened and joined the holocrons and Maul gained the knowledge that Obi-Wan Kenobi lived on and left in the midst of the chaos. He escaped in the Nightbrother saying "He lives!"

Mission to Dathomir Edit

Although Maul had gained a large amount of information from the holocrons, it wasn't enough for him. So, he tricked Ezra into coming with him to the planet Dathomir and used Nightsister magic to complete their vision they recived from the holocrons. Following this, the surviving spirits of the Nightsisters attempted to attack Maul and Ezra, only for Sabine and Kanan to show up, trying to save Ezra from Maul, and were possesed by the Nightsisters. Maul fled Dathomir after this, but Ezra went back into the temple to save his friends, which he ended up succeeding in. Sabine took the darksaber which Maul had left behind with his other artefacts from his past life.

Mission to Tatooine Edit

Maul vs tuskens

A group of Tusken Raiders, before being killed by Maul

With his vision complete, Maul would go on to travel to the desert planet of Tatooine, in order to try and kill Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi once and for all. However, when Maul could not find Kenobi, he used the holocrons to once again trick Ezra into doing his bidding, bringing the rebel to Tatooine aboard a RZ-1T starfighter, and using him to draw Obi-Wan out of hiding.

Final Duel with Kenobi Edit

Maul vs Ben

Maul fights Kenobi for the last time on Tatooine

After using Ezra to draw out Kenobi, Maul prepared to fight his long time enemy for a final time. While Ezra and his droid, Chopper, escaped the duel on Kenobi's Dewback, Kenobi decided to stay and fight Maul himself. Maul would begin to taunt Kenobi and seemingly use the Force to read his mind, discovering that the old Jedi was on Tatooine to protect "someone". Obi-Wan realised following this statement that he could no longer let Maul leave Tatooine and activated his lightsaber. Maul and Kenobi contemplated each others moves gazing at each other for a long period before Obi-Wan switched to the lightsaber form used by his master Qui-Gon Jinn and Maul attempted to use the same attack he did on Naboo when he killed Qui-Gon. Their duel only lasted two strikes before Obi-Wan slashed his blade through Maul's hilt and down his chest. In his last living moments, Maul asked Kenobi if the boy he was protecting was the Chosen One, who would confirm this. Finally, before dying Maul would tell Kenobi that the Chosen One would avenge him.

Weapons Edit

First lightsaber Edit

Main Article: Darth Maul's lightsaber

Originally a double-bladed lightsaber, Maul used it in his early days as an apprentice to Darth Sidious. After he was cut in half by Obi-Wan Kenobi on Naboo, Maul's lightsaber was likewise split in two. When Savage Opress found Maul, only half the lightsaber still worked as a single-bladed lightsaber which he used throughout the Clone Wars.

Second lightsaber Edit

Main Article: Maul's lightsaber

A customised Inquisitor lightsaber disguised as a cane was used by Maul on Malachor and until his death on Tatooine.

Vehicles Edit

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Relationships Edit




Personalities and Traits == Before and during the Battle of Naboo, Maul appears to be no-nonsense and strike-first-talk-later. However after his return during the Clone Wars, he discovers the art of taunting and talking to his foes. On Malachor, Maul is wounded by all who have hurt him on the inside and vows for revenge.

Powers and Abilities Edit

As Darth Maul, the Zabrak is agile and quick and relies on these things. Later returning during the Clone Wars, Maul's anger has made him stronger. As an older individual on Malachor, Maul is still strong with the force.

Trivia Edit

  • Ian McCaig designed Darth Maul originally used a character from his "worst nightmare" but it was too gruesome and George Lucas asked for his second worst nightmare.
  • Ian McCaig also helped design other Dathomirian characters such as the nightsisters in The Clone Wars.
  • Maul wears an earring in The Phantom Menace but this wasn't planned as part of his design. When Ray Park turned up wearing one George said he liked it and so they filmed Ray with the earring.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Maul was played by martial artist Ray Park and his few lines were provided by Peter Serafinowicz. In Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels Maul is voiced by Sam Witwer who tried very hard to get the voice right for the character.