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The New Republic was a Democratic Government formed by the Rebel Alliance in the footsteps of the Galactic Republic.

History Edit

The New Republic fought the remains of the Galactic Empire. 30 years after the Battle of Endor, several Senators aided the Resistance in their fight against the First Order. Starkiller Base destroyed many of the Republic's warships and the planets in the Hosnian system to stop them from helping the Resistance.

Behind the Scenes Edit

The New Republic was a galactic government first created in the Expanded Universe, starting with an appearance in The Thrawn Trilogy of Bantam Spectra novels in 1991.

In 1997, as part of the extra scenes produced for the Special Edition of Return of the Jedi, an extra can be heard shouting "Long Live the Republic", the first reference to this government in the films. This trivia was documented by Pablo Hidalgo in a article on February 4, 2009.

Appearances Edit