Nightwatcher Worm

The Nightwatcher Worm also known as Sondorers, Arconan night terrors, and simply as Nightwatchers, are gigantic subterranean creatures native to Jakku. These creatures mostly live in the Sinking Fields though it is said they can migrate to the Goazon when big storms push sand dunes that way.

They are massive worms, twenty meters long when fully grown, with some specimens five or six times that size. There are rumors of Nightwatchers that could swallow Niima.

Nightwatchers seem to hunt by sensing vibrations above them, erupting out of the sinking fields with their opens open to engulf whatever they find. They aren't picky because there is nothing a nightwatcher cant devour. Their mouthparts can grind metal into scrap, and their stomachs generate acid that can melt down anything they can't digest.

Appearances Edit

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