General Information
Region Inner Rim Onderon-TCW
Sector Japrael Sector
System Japrael System
Capital Iziz
atmosphere Breathable to most species
Native Species None Known
Natural Satellites None Known

Onderon was a human colony world in the Inner Rim.


The planet was colonized by humans who became known as "Onderonians". They adapted to the savage jungle environment by taming local wildlife and fortifying themselves inside walled cities. Their capital was Iziz.

During the Clone Wars, Onderon was occupied by the Confederacy of Independent Systems after King Sanjay Rash allied the planet with the Separatists. Many inhabitants longed to reinstate the previous monarch, Ramsis Dundup, who kept a neutral policy. This movement became the Onderon Rebels, who were organized in secrecy by the Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker.

Onderon was otherwise known as the homeworld of Jintar Oarr, Borgin Kaa, Onderon Rebel leaders Saw and Steela Gerrera, Senator Mina Bonteri and her son, Lux Bonteri, Royal militia General Tandin, Rebel soldiers Dono and Hutch.

During the time of the Galactic Empire, Onderon had become a hotbed of rebel activity, with Saw Gerrera leading rebel forces against the Empire. ISB Agent Kallus went on his first mission there and his troop was ambushed by rebel mercenaries. Setting off an explosive, the rebels decimated Kallus's troop. Afterwards, a Lasat warrior picked off the survivors, but spared Kallus.

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