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Rae Sloane was a Female Imperial Captain who commanded the Star Destroyer Ultimatum during the Civil War temporarily until actually put in the position by the Emperor himself. She was still serving years later after the Battle of Endor near the planet of Akiva, an Admiral serving on the Vigilance. Eventually she became part of Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax's Shadow Council as a Grand Admiral. During this time, she was officially the leader of the Galactic Empire but Gallius Rax gave her orders as her "aide". She went with Commandant Brendol Hux to the unknown regions where the first seeds of the First Order were planted.

Biography Edit

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Relationships Edit

Gallius Rax Edit

Main Article: Gallius Rax

Known mainly as the Fleet Admiral, Rae respects her up-line but seems to be disgusted at his personality and has many sarcastic thoughts while speaking to him. She later is suspicious of his identity and investigates. Around the time of the Battle of Jakku, Rae shoots Rax and kills him.

Adea Rite Edit

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Rae's personal assistant, Adea Rite is very loyal to her and Rae thinks highly of her, believing her to be the type of Imperial to rise up rather than the greedy Brendol Hux. She would like to think of Adea as her own daughter. When Adea dies in front of her eyes from a blaster shot, Sloane is enraged.

Brendol Hux Edit

Main Article: Brendol Hux

Sloane is disgusted with the personality of Commandant Brendol Hux, believing Imperials such as Adea Rite to be the correct sort to raise up but all the same rescues him from the Academy on Arkanis during the Siege of Arkanis. The two flee to the unknown regions with the Eclipse following the Battle of Jakku and the death of Gallius Rax.

Kanan Jarrus Edit

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Sloane dislikes the "gunslinger" for his flirty remarks - harmless remarks but all the same it annoys her.

Grand Admiral Sloane

Grand Admiral Sloane

Denetrius Vidian Edit

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Sloane is unimpressed with Vidian's arrival and when he turns things around the suit him better she stays loyal to the Empire and fights against him when he tries to blow up the moon of Cynda.

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