Galaxy map with regions

Map of the galaxy with galactic regions noted.

A region was a geographically distinct area. The most famous regions in the galaxy were the galactic regions that divided different portions of the galactic disk and spiral arms.

Description Edit

The galaxy was made up of about ten official regions. Innermost, in the heart of the galaxy, was the Deep Core. It contained some of the oldest stars and was centered on a super-massive black hole. Navigation was historically known to be difficult, but during the Galactic Empire, a major effort was made to map the region.

Around the Deep Core lay the Core Worlds region. The Core Worlds contained some of the most famous, rich and prestigious worlds in galactic history. Early in the time of the Galactic Republic, many expeditions went out from the Core Worlds to colonize the outermost parts of the galaxy. The Deep Core and Core Worlds were known collectively as "The Core".

Outside the Core lay several regions that were historically tied with the galactic governments, but were less developed than the Core. Starting with the Colonies, an almost perfect circular region that lay between the Core Worlds and the Inner Rim. The borders of the Inner Rim were more irregular in shape, as colonizing efforts varied from sector to sector. The same was the case in the Expansion Region and the Mid Rim beyond that.

Outside the Mid Rim was the biggest galactic region, the Outer Rim Territories. The Outer Rim encompassed much of the remaining galactic disk and contained a large number of worlds that were not part of any centralized galactic government. This region was also home to many worlds with small or under-developed civilizations. On the outskirts of the Outer Rim, was Wild Space, a region with diffuse borders that saw little colonization.

A smaller diffuse region in the South-West was known as the Western Reaches. This area became a hotbed of rebel activity in the early years of the Galactic Empire and a great military operation was undertaken to stamp it out.

To the far West of the Core, was a large portion of the galaxy that was poorly mapped out and relatively obscure, the Unknown Regions. Central galactic exploration had mostly focused on the other parts of the galaxy through the centuries. Under the Galactic Empire, efforts were made to map out the Unknown Regions and establish an Imperial presence there, with outposts and research stations. This network of bases later aided the First Order as this successor state of the Empire used the Unknown Regions to secretly re-militarize.

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