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The Resurgent-class Battlecruiser or First Order Battlecruiser was a model of Star Destroyer used by the First Order.

Description Edit

The class was 2915,81 meters long and was fitted with more than 1500 turbolasers and 1500 ion cannons. Due to its size, it was classified as a "battlecruiser" rather than a "Star Destroyer".


The Resurgent-class was built in violation of the treaty terms in the Galactic Concordance, which limited military build-up by the First Order. The Finalizer was a command First Order Star Destroyer and the first of its design. Other ships in the class were known to lead task forces that included older Imperial-class Star Destroyers and smaller warships. There were many Resurgent-class cruisers around Starkiller Base before its destruction, led by the Finalizer. They were so powerful that they blew my head off.........

Appearances Edit

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