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"I don't know your name."

"I'm Rey." - Rey & Finn

Rey was a force sensitive female human living on Jakku about 30 years after the Battle of Endor. She got involved with Han Solo, Chewbacca, BB-8 and Finn aboard the Millennium Falcon after escaping her homeplanet on the freighter. She was captured on Takodana by Kylo Ren and interrogated by him on Starkiller Base. She managed to escape her cell on the First Order stronghold and met up with Finn, Chewbacca and Han. After witnessing Kylo kill his father from a balcony above Rey and Finn exited the thermal oscillator and went into the snowy forest outside. Kylo met them there and after a short duel with Finn who had picked up Skywalker's lightsaber from Maz Kanata on Takodana, he knocked the former Stormtrooper out. Rey took the lightsaber and faced Kylo herself. After injuring Kylo, the ground between them split, ending their fight. Chewbacca picked Rey and Finn up in the Millennium Falcon and they escaped just as the base exploded thanks to starfighters of the Resistance. Rey took the Falcon to Ahch-To with Chewbacca and R2-D2 and found the missing Luke Skywalker there, returning his lost lightsaber.

Biography Edit

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Early Life Edit

Rey was born eleven years after the Battle of Endor to unknown parents. Sometime later she was left by her parents on Jakku where she spent most of her youth, believing that her parents would return for her one day.

As she grew up on Jakku, Rey began to wonder wether she was left behind by accident on Jakku. She scavenged and traded with Unkar Plutt for "Portions" each day. She began to realise inside that her parents or whoever had left her on Jakku were not returning for her even though she refused to admit it.

Rey worked for other Scavengers such as Ivano Troade and Mashra. Some were not very kind to her and she refused to speak their names. She had a reputation for defending herself with her Quarterstaff and most scavengers would leave her alone.

Hellhound II Edit

Rey came across the Hellhound II - a downed AT-AT walker which was destroyed during the Battle of Jakku. She starts living inside it, taking parts off it and trading them with Plutt. Passing ten years of age, a still young Rey found a doll and a Rebel Pilot's helmet that used to belong to Dosmit Ræha of the Rebellion.

As she grew older, Rey no longer played with her doll, although she kept it and sometimes wore the helmet. She found an old Y-Wing's computer system and learned alien languages and stories such as of Chewbacca and Han Solo.

An Awakening Edit

Much later, Rey would scavenge from the Inflictor, a downed Star Destroyer from the Battle of Jakku. On one occasion, after she had been scavenging in the ship, Rey came across BB-8, who had been captured by Teedo the scavenger. After she rescued him, the little droid followed her back to her her home in the AT-AT. She told him that he could only stay one night and the two set off.

Leaving Jakku Edit

They arrived at Niima Outpost in the morning where BB-8 looked for his master who had promised to return for the droid. Rey, while collecting her portions, was offered sixty portions for BB-8 and almost accepted. She changed her mind and walked away. Unkar Plutt tried to take the droid by force by sending two of his thugs after her. She made short work of them with her staff. Finn, a stormtrooper defector from the First Order arrived and BB-8 recognised his jacket as his masters. Rey, thinking that Finn had stolen the jacket, chased after him and knocked him down. Finn was quick to explain the situation - that Poe Dameron had seemingly died. Suddenly First Order Stormtroopers arrived and saw Finn with BB-8 and Rey and chased the trio. Rey wanted to leave him but Finn told her that since she had been seen with him, she was now marked. The three raced for a ship, dismissing the Correllian freighter nearby as garbage. TIE fighters destroyed the ship and Rey told Finn that "The Garbage will do". They raced up the ramp of the Millennium Falcon and struggle to take off. Rey piloted the falcon like a pilot much to her surprise and the chase led to inside a Star Destroyer. After they escaped the atmosphere, Rey and Finn were forced to stop poisonous gas from spreading around the ship. Finn told Rey he was with the Resistance and made BB-8 tell Rey where the Resistance Base is. Suddenly a ship caught them in a tractor beam and they thought it was the First Order. They prepared to let the Poisonous gas spread again but it turned out to be Han Solo and Chewbacca who declared that they were home. Han and Chewie found the trio hiding underneath the floor and wanted to know where their pilot was. Rey declared that she was the pilot and that no-one else was on board. Han wanted to send them off in an escape pod at the next system but Rey tried to convince him not to by telling him that BB-8 was holding a map to Luke Skywalker. Suddenly the Guavian Death Gang arrived and confronted solo about the 50,000 credits he owed them. Kanjiklub Gang arrived as well and the two gangs started searching the ship for Rey and Finn who were wanted by the First Order. Rey tried to trap both gangs by closing blast doors but instead opened the doors to the Rathar cages. The beasts that Han had been hauling around started rampaging in the hallways and eating Guavian and Kanjiklub gang members. Rey and Finn were confronted by one which grabbed Finn. Rey managed to close some blast doors and free Finn from the beast. The Five escaped in the Falcon, entering Hyperspace from inside the hangar. Rey helped Han as a co-pilot since Chewbacca was injured and Han was impressed with her skills. BB-8 showed them the segment of the map he contained and Han told Rey and Finn that the Jedi, the Force and the Dark Side were all real. Han decided not to take BB-8 directly to Leia Organa, not wishing to meet with her and took them to Takodana where he would get help from Maz Kanata, an old mentor of his.

Vision Edit

After arriving on planet, Han gave Rey a blaster and told her he was thinking about offering her a job on the Falcon to which she got excited but after thinking, turned it down, wishing to return to Jakku. After meeting with Maz, Finn decided to leave with Captain Sidon Ithano and Quiggold to the Outer Rim Territories much to the shock of Rey. He revealed to her that he wasn't with the Resistance and declared that he would never return to the First Order, begging her to go with him. She refused and sadly watched him leave. She was called by the force down into a basement where she found the lightsaber of Luke Skywalker and his father Anakin Skywalker before him. She reached out but had a series of visions when she touched it. She saw Cloud City, Luke Skywalker and R2-D2, Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren killing the Jedi of Luke's new generation and a younger Rey being taken away on Jakku as a ship departed in the distance. Afterwards, Maz arrived and encouraged her to take the Saber and give into the Force which was calling to her. She refused to touch it, stating that she would never touch it again.

Captured by the First Order Edit

Rey ran off into the forest and was secretly followed by BB-8. The First Order arrived with Kylo Ren and destroyed the castle as Rey watched. She shot the blaster for the first time and was spotted by some Stormtroopers who alerted Kylo Ren of where the duo were heading. Rey sent BB-8 off by himself and was eventually confronted by Kylo Ren who deflected every shot she took at him. He caught her and interrogated her to find out the whereabouts of BB-8 but instead found out through the force that Rey herself had seen the map and considered the droid no longer necessary.

Finn who had returned to Han and Chewbacca when the First Order arrived, watched as Rey was taken by Kylo Ren onto Kylo Ren's command shuttle.

Rey was taken to Starkiller Base where she was interrogated by Kylo Ren to show him the map. He removed his helmet, showing her his face. She refused to give in and called on the force herself, seeing into Ren's mind. She saw his fear of never becoming as powerful as his grandfather Darth Vader. He left the cell and talked to Snoke, who told Ren to bring Rey to him.

Escape and Endgame Edit


After defeating Kylo Ren.

Only one Stormtrooper was left guarding Rey and she managed to use the force to trick him into removing her restraints and leaving the cell without a weapon and with the door open. She grabbed his blaster and left the cell. When Kylo Ren arrived, Rey was gone. Rey sneaked into a trench and was spotted by Finn, Han Solo and Chewbacca who had come to bring the shields down for the Resistance and save Rey while they were there. She ran into them and was shocked to see them. When she heard Finn was responsible for her rescue, she hugged him. Han told them to hug later and they ran outside. They approached the Thermal Oscillator - the X-wing's primary target where the Resistance was losing the battle and they split up. Rey and Finn flew a First Order Snowspeeder and were chased by Snowtroopers in another speeder. Evading the Snowtroopers, they opened the doors and let Han and Chewie through who started setting charges. Kylo Ren and some Stormtroopers arrived and searched the area as Han and Chewie set their last charges. Han met Kylo in the middle of the Oscillator on a bridge. Rey and Finn climbed up a ladder and appeared on a platform above as the two met. Rey watched in horror as Kylo killed his own father. Chewbacca shot Kylo and wounded him as Finn and Rey run back outside. They run in the direction of the Millennium Falcon but are blocked by Kylo who tells them they weren't done yet. Rey called him a monster and Kylo used the force to push her against a tree. When Rey awoke, Finn had Skywalker's lightsaber and was duelling Ren. He was pushed up against a tree. Finn managed to wound Kylo in the shoulder but Kylo slashed him down the back in rage after sending his lightsaber flying. Ren attempted to call the lightsaber to his hand with the force but as it flew through the air, he had to duck as it landed in Rey's hand. She activated it and charged him. The duel went for a while and Kylo dominated until the ground began to break apart from the Resistance succeeding. Ren and Rey clashed blades with Rey at the edge of a cliff and Ren told her she needed a teacher and that he could show her the ways of the force. Reminded of her force powers, Rey escapes Ren's blade and attacks him once again. This time Rey dominates and eventually slashes him across the face. A crevice opens and separates the two. Ren sits up and the two stare at each other one last time before Rey runs back to Finn. She kneels and weeps over him. She is interrupted by lights from the Millennium Falcon arriving with Chewbacca piloting. He exited and carrids Finn back to the ship. They escaped just in time as the X-wings left behind them and the Base exploded.

Luke Skywalker Edit


Rey on Ahch-To

At the Resistance Base on D'Quar, Leia greeted Rey and hugged her. Rey met members of the Resistance such as Poe Dameron. In the Command Centre, Rey stood with other members of the Resistance and watched as C-3PO arrived with an awakened R2-D2. They fitted the map in R2-D2's drive with the one given to Poe on Jakku which completed the map. The entire base population saw Rey, Chewbacca and R2-D2 off as they headed to find Master Luke Skywalker. They arrived at Ahch-To and the First Jedi Temple where Rey left Chewbacca and R2 with the ship as she climbed up the mountains. Finally she found a hooded figure who turned around and took off his hood to reveal himself as Luke. Rey held out the lightsaber to him as they gazed each other.

Luke took the blade but after briefly examining it, he tossed it away behind him. Rey continued to follow him wherever he went, attempting to recruit him to the Resistance which he responded by telling her to go away. When she recovered the lightsaber, she noticed the wreckage of Luke's X-wing in the water below. Later, Rey went and got Chewbacca who broke down Luke's secure door and got his attention. He asked where Han was and then had a time of mourning for his old friend. Luke still refused to go back with them and went about his daily routine, getting green milk and fishing off a cliff with a very large spear. Rey stumbled upon ancient Jedi texts in a tree and claimed that the location was familiar to her. Luke, intrigued, asked her to elaborate. However, Rey tried again to recruit Luke who refused once again. Luke came to the Millennium Falcon that night while Rey slept by a campfire and was reunited with R2-D2. Later that night, Rey woke to see Luke who told her that he would train her in three lessons and that they would begin at Dawn.

Training Edit

In the morning she somehow found herself connected to Kylo Ren through the force and fired a blaster in the direction he seemed to be in and blasting a whole in her hut. Rey told Luke that she had misfired the weapon while she was cleaning it. The pair went to a high spot on the island to begin training. Luke taught Rey about what the Force actually was and had her reach out to it. She saw many things but was drawn to a dark side cavern below the island and despite Luke's warning she continued to reach out. Luke scolded her and told her that he had only seen raw power like hers once before in Ben Solo and it obviously hadn't ended well. Rey later trained by herself next to a rock with the lightsaber and ended up cutting the rock which fell down and landed on a wheelbarrow that the local Caretakers were moving. She realised Luke had been silently watching her from above.

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Personality and Traits Edit

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Powers and Abilities Edit

Rey is very handy with ships, parts and tools. She doesn't realise that she is actually a very good pilot as well and discovers this when she steals the Millennium Falcon with the help of Finn and BB-8. She later finds out she can shoot a blaster on target on Takodana, shooting down First Order Stormtroopers in one hit. Once captured by Kylo Ren, she discovers she is very strong in the force. Her known force abilities are lightsaber combat, mind tricks, calling objects to her hand and seeing into other people's minds.

Weapons Edit

Staff Edit

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Rey uses a quaterstaff as her single weapon while living on Jakku. She shows her ability to use it when Unkar sends two thugs after her.

Blaster Edit

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Han Solo gives Rey a blaster on Takodana which she ends up using against many First Order Stormtroopers and Kylo Ren.

Lightsaber Edit

Main Article: Skywalker's lightsaber

Having once been owned by Anakin Skywalker of the Jedi Order and then his son Luke Skywalker during the Civil War, Maz Kanata now has the blade. Rey refuses to take it although Maz tells her it is calling to her. Finn ends up taking the weapon and using it against many foes. Rey eventually takes the blade from Finn after he is defeated by Kylo Ren in lightsaber combat and faces the Knight of Ren. After getting the better of him, she keeps the blade as she heads to the First Jedi Temple to return the blade to its former owner Luke Skywalker.

Vehicles Edit

Speeder Edit

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Rey built the speeder from junk and spare parts on Jakku while she was living there. She used it in her scavenging hunts and expeditions in the surroundings of Niima Outpost.

Millennium Falcon Edit

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When making her escape from Jakku with BB-8 and Finn, Rey steals the Millennium Falcon from Unkar Plutt. Han Solo and Chewbacca are quick to take it from them when they find the ship in space. Han helps the trio get BB-8 to the resistance and then travels to Starkiller Base to disable the shields, attempt to turn back his evil son and to rescue Rey who had been captured by him. Han unfortunately was killed by Kylo Ren on the base, leaving the Falcon in Chewbacca's hands. Rey and Chewbacca take it when leaving the Resistance to find Luke Skywalker.

Relationships Edit

Legends Counterparts Edit

Jaina Apocalypse

Jaina on the cover of Star Wars Fate of the Jedi: Apocalypse

Jaina Solo Edit

It is possible that the character of Rey was inspired by the legends daughter of Han and Leia - Jaina Solo in some ways. Jaina was a much loved character by fans and wasn't completely developed as when Disney bought Lucasfilm. A trilogy of novels called Sword of the Jedi was planned with Jaina as the primary character. Christie Golden, the author, wrote Dark Disciple in new canon instead.

Trivia Edit

  • In the original drafts of The Force Awakens, Rey was known as Kira, a name that has now been used for a character in Solo: A Star Wars Story.
  • The character was an idea from the very start of the film-writing where the sequel trilogy would be the story of the rise of a female Jedi.
  • The name Kira was used until J.J. Abrams chose the name Rey shortly before filming.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Rey was played by Daisy Ridley in the sequel trilogy and a young Rey was portrayed by Cailey Fleming.

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