Rookies is the Fifth Episode of Star Wars the Clone Wars Season 1. It features the same characters as Clone Cadets - the members of Domino Squad.

Plot Edit

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During the Clone Wars, a group of clone cadets are sent to help protect an key Republic military base on the Rishi moon, which if captured by the Separatists, could cause a massive invasion of the Clone homeworld of Kamino. The cyborg General Grievous, wanting to stop the production of new clone troopers for the Galactic Republic, sends a squadron of new Commando Droids to the planet to capture the base, in order to attempt a surprise attack on Kamino. However, little does the General know, that a pair of Clone Officers have been sent by the Republic to perform a routine check-up on the base, unaware of the secret Separatist takeover, or the surviving group of clone cadets, who are trapped in the harsh outside environment of Rishi....

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