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Rukh was a Noghri and a member of the Galactic Empire. He served as a bodyguard and assassin for Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Biography Edit

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Personality and Traits Edit

Rukh was very no-nonsense, get the job done in personality. He was animal-like in his behaviour although he is a sentient.

Skills and Abilities Edit

While Rukh was extremely skilled as an assassin, his size caused him problems when he was up against larger foes such as Garazeb Orrelios.

Weapons Edit

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Vehicles Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • The Noghri in Star Wars Legends were portrayed as bigger, more intelligent and stronger
  • In Star Wars Legends it is Rukh that turns against Thrawn and kills him

Behind the Scenes Edit

Rukh first appeared in the Legends novel Heir to the Empire by Timmothy Zahn as a bodyguard for Grand Admiral Thrawn. He was canonized by the tv show Star Wars: Rebels.

Appearances Edit