The Sith Lord of Gairm was a member of the Sith Order active at some point before the Rule of Two.


This individual was active in a time when the Sith were numerous and known to the galaxy at large. Despite belonging to the Sith Order, the ancient enemies of the Jedi Order, the Sith Lord of Gairm managed to befriend Vonkhel, a Jedi Master.

The tale of this Sith was used by historian Antron Bach as an example of an unlikely friendship to reassure himself as he approached a crashed starfighter. Knowing nothing about the occupant, he considered the possiblity it could be a pirate or other type of criminal, but used the example of a Sith befriending a Jedi as an assurance that he could befriend that kind of person himself instead of things turning badly.


  • The End of History

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