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Slave I was an Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft used by Jango Fett and later used by his clone son, Boba Fett. It was originally built for the asteroid prison, Oovo IV, before it was stolen by Jango and used as his personal starship in the years before the Clone Wars. After Jango's death, following a skirmish in the Geonosian Petranaki Arena, the Slave I was used by Aurra Sing during her time as Boba Fett's mentor. The Slave I would be used later in the Clone Wars in an attempt to assassinate Mace Windu, the Jedi Master who killed Jango, before it was destroyed by Ahsoka Tano on Florrum. The ship would later be repaired by pirate Hondo Ohnaka and his gang of pirates, the Ohnaka Gang, and used by the pirates during the Battle of Florrum, in which the Slave I was used to aid the pirates, and Jedi Order, in defending Florrum from the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Years later, Boba Fett would reacquire Slave I from Hondo and use it in his personal syndicate of bounty hunters while working with former Sith assassin, Asajj Ventress. Following the Rise of the Galactic Empire, the Slave I could be seen frequently working with the Galactic Empire and the criminal forces of Jabba the hutt. Boba Fett would continue to use his father's ship for years during the Galactic Civil War and Jedi Purge, up until his death on the desert planet of Tatooine, were Fett was knocked into the Sarlacc by Han Solo during a skirmish on the planet between the Alliance to Restore the Republic and Jabba's criminal empire. It is unknown what happened to the ship after Boba's demise.

Appearances Edit

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