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Snoke was a male humanoid that was the supreme leader of the First Order.

Biography Edit

Snoke drew Ben Solo to the Dark Side and manipulated him to lead the Knights of Ren and kill the New Jedi. Snoke trained Ben Solo or Kylo Ren, to some level, his new primary objective to destroy Luke Skywalker, the last remaining Jedi. However Luke was in hiding at an unknown location and the missing segment of the map to his location was in the hands of the Underground Church of the force.

BB-8 was given the map segment by Poe Dameron who was afterwards captured. Poe revealed that the map is with his droid and Kylo ordered a search for the BB unit. Snoke talked with Hux and Kylo via hologram before the Destruction of the Hosnian System. While Hux was ordered to oversee operations, Snoke warned Kylo of the location of BB-8 who was with Han Solo, Kylo's father in the Millennium Falcon. He also spoke of an awakening which had been felt by both Snoke and Kylo.

When Kylo captured Rey on Takodana, she was held captive on Starkiller Base where Kylo interrogated her. She got more and more powerful with the force over a short period of time. Snoke ordered Kylo to bring the girl to him but she escaped using mind tricks on a Stormtrooper before he reached her cell.

Snoke told Hux to escape Starkiller Base and rescue Kylo after his failed duel with Finn and Rey when the Resistance managed to destroy the shields. He told the officer that he wished to complete Kylo's training in the ways of the Dark Side of the Force.

Appearances Edit

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