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The SoroSuub Imagecaster, also known simply as the Imagecaster, was a model of personal holoprojector manufactured by SoroSuub Corporation. It was often carried by members of the Jedi Order during the last years of the Galactic Republic.

Characteristics Edit

The Imagecaster was a handheld, disc-shaped holoprojector, which also functioned as an image recorder, with three curved arms on its casing ring that rotated downward. This allowed the device to stand on a level surface or link to a larger image projector. The Imagecaster displayed three-dimensional images formed by the interference of light beams and could also be tuned with a comlink to carry hologram transmissions for live face-to-face communication. The device could hold up to a hundred minutes of images and was constructed especially for field use.

History Edit

Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn carried an Imagecaster during his mission to Naboo ten years before the Clone Wars, shortly before his death at the hands of Darth Maul. He also used the device on Tatooine to project an image of Queen Amidala's Naboo Royal Starship to the junk dealer Watto in Mos Espa.

During the Clone Wars, Imagecasters were used by various individuals, including Asajj Ventress who used them to communicate with Count Dooku.

Appearances Edit